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Viral video family celebrates vaccine with Frozen-inspired parody

Kim and Penn Holderness share what they're looking forward to most after being vaccinated.
/ Source: TODAY

The Holderness family's latest parody song is extremely relatable.

Kim and Penn Holderness, the couple who brought you “Christmas Jammies,” are tackling their reactions to securing a vaccine appointment with a hilarious new singalong.

“We tried to go through everything that's been going through our minds right now,” Kim Holderness told TODAY Parents.

In the opening of the video, Penn excitedly exclaims “It’s vaccination day!” to the tune of “For The First Time In Forever” from Disney’s animated musical, “Frozen.”

The spoofed lyrics cover the wide range of emotions felt between the couple now that their vaccines are scheduled, including spending time with other people, going to sports games, and for Kim — having to wear a bra again.

In the four minute video, Penn also touches on why the coronavirus pandemic has been especially scary for him in a more serious way.

“For the first time in forever, I can see my dad and mom. For the first time in forever, all my fear of death is gone,” Penn sings alongside a photo of his parents, both in a nearby facility in North Carolina, where half the total COVID deaths have come from skilled nursing units.

He also includes a line in about his own health hesitations over the past year.

“Cause when you have asthma it’s scary, but in like 40 days...for the first time in forever, I think I’ll be okay,” he sings.

Penn, who has suffered from breathing issues since childhood, learned early on that contracting COVID-19 would be deadly for him.

“I have friends who have similar conditions who spent weeks in the hospital,” he shared, adding one in particular almost did not make it out. “It made me realize I had to take the virus seriously.”

Both Kim and Penn acknowledge that the vaccine isn’t perfect, but it does offer peace of mind for them.

“The vaccine takes away the thought that you’re going to die,” Penn shared.

Added Kim, “We know it’s not perfect, we know that if we get it, it won’t be as severe.”

In a more lighthearted moment in the song, Penn pokes fun at Kim’s introverted tendencies crooning, “Time away will be good for her...for the first time in forever, she’ll actually go out!”

The first thing the couple plans to do once fully vaccinated? See their parents.

“Penn wrote the lyrics and played the song for me and somewhere he said — I got to see my dad and mom and I just started weeping,” she said. “I haven’t hugged my mom in a year.”

This is not the first time the couple has taken on COVID-19 vaccinations in their videos. In January, Penn sang about the vaccine rollout - “Come On Vaccine” - to the tune of the popular '80s hit “Come On Eileen” while Kim danced in the background.

“Don’t care what’s in it, it could be made of s--- and I’d take it — so come on, vaccine ...” Penn sang before tackling less-than-desirable items he has consumed over the years without consequence. Kim, seen dancing, chimed in, “Seriously ... hot dog water ... give it to me!”

"It's a huge shift for us as soon as we can get vaccinated," Kim said. "We’ve been talking about all the things we’re going to do when we get it."