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Holderness family celebrates the joy of turning 40 with hilarious Bieber parody

Best thing about being "over the hill"? It's liberating to stop caring about what others think of you.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

While the latest parody from the Holderness Family is about marriage and parenting after age 40, Kim Holderness points out that it's a bit premature, as she's still 39...for a few more months.

"I turn 40 in March, but I've already assumed the age," Kim told TODAY Parents. "I've been writing '40' on forms for the last six months...I'm OK with 40. I love to sleep. I love elastic waistbands. I am more comfortable in my own skin than I was at age 20. I dance my old, 90's moves and don't care if people laugh at me — there's joy in that."

In fact, the message of "40" — a parody of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber — is just that: it's liberating to stop caring about what others think of you, and to start your date night at 5:30 in the evening and fall asleep in bed with a book at the time when 20-somethings are just heading out for the night.

Justin Bieber "Sorry" Parody | I'M 40 | The Holderness FamilyYouTube

"This video comes from a very real place," said Penn Holderness, who is 41. "Having young children changes everything. Our babysitters all go out after we get home, there is no such thing as 'sleeping in' anymore, and all of a sudden the warranty has expired on my body parts. Now, I'm the old guy dancing that people make fun of — but I don't care anymore."

In the video, Penn and Kim are joined by 20-something backup dancers, as Penn sings, "It's too late now 'cause I'm 40 — I can't do that dance with my body."

Later, after hitting a bar at 5:30 in the evening and dancing to songs by MC Hammer and Rob Base, the couple catches an Uber ride home at 9:20, to find their sitter in their bathroom, getting ready for a night on the town.

But Penn and Kim know that even if they could stay up that late, they don't have the right moves anymore.

"When it comes to twerking, I think I'm an underachiever," Penn sings in the video. "We're not as good as those girls who dance for Justin Bieber. Last time I shook like that I had a pretty bad fever."

Still, Kim says they've made peace with their ages, and are content with the place they are in.

Justin Bieber "Sorry" Parody | I'M 40 | The Holderness FamilyYouTube

"We've accepted the fact that we need more sleep to function," she said. "In our twenties, we could manage on four hours and be fine. Now, if we don't get a solid eight — I'm toast for the next two days."

"As for the song, we hear it on the radio every four seconds, and it stuck in our heads," said Penn. "The 'it's too late' in the lyrics just means something different at this age."