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The 1 word Hoda Kotb loves to hear from daughter Haley Joy

Hoda Kotb still can't believe she's a mom herself as she prepares for Mother's Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Mother's Day just gets sweeter and sweeter for Hoda Kotb.

The TODAY anchor, who became a mom last year when she and her partner, Joel Schiffman, adopted Haley Joy, still can't believe she's a mom herself as she prepares to celebrate her second Mother's Day with her little girl.

“For 53 Mother’s Days, it’s been about my mom and getting my mom flowers, and it’s just so crazy,” she told People. “I still have moments now where I wake up in the middle of the night and look over at Joel and think to myself, ‘Oh my God. I have a baby in the other room.’ I can’t even believe that it’s really real.”

Earlier this week, Hoda told TODAY that even in the darkest moments of parenting, when everything seems to be going wrong, she remembers to be grateful that she even got to have a child.

“I remember having a short conversation with God," Hoda said while recounting a sleepless night with Haley. “And I remember saying, ‘I would have begged you for this.’”

Now that Haley Joy is here, she’s savoring the happy mom moments too — the best of which might be hearing that one special word from her daughter’s lips: momma.

“I don't think there's a sweeter single word I’ve ever heard in my life than that," Hoda told People. "She holds onto you and doesn’t let go. Most kids, when you cuddle them, they squirm away. She’s like, ‘No, no. I like it here.’”