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Hoda Kotb shares images of Haley Joy at the beach — and learning to crawl!

"She can crawl," Hoda insisted — just not for the video camera, apparently!
/ Source: TODAY

Check off another baby milestone for Haley Joy, who recently started crawling!

But the nearly 6-month-old resisted showing off her skills for the camera. On Monday, Hoda Kotb shared a video of her young daughter rocking back and forth on all fours attempting to be mobile. She even got a hand — or a paw — from her dog, Blake, who appeared to give her some gentle prompting from behind.

“Here’s the best we can do with Haley crawling — she can crawl,” Hoda insisted as she aired the video, which showed Haley Joy being rewarded for her effort with a good morning kiss on the forehead by Hoda's boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.

Hoda also shared a photo of her daughter being fed over the weekend by her mother, a sight she says always leaves her in tears.

Hoda's mother feeds Haley Joy
Hoda said the sight of her mom feeding her daughter, Haley Joy, always brings tears to her eyes.TODAY

But Hoda had plenty to get emotional about over the weekend, which she, Haley Joy, and Joel spent at the beach with friends and family.

“We’re turning her into a little beach baby!” Hoda said.

The weekend activities included a backyard barbecue with friends, as well as an early birthday celebration for Hoda, who received a custom-made gift from her nieces: a Lego model of TODAY’s orange rainbow logo.

“Are you kidding?” Hoda said while carefully pulling it out of the box. “OMG. It says TODAY.”

A perfect start to Hoday's birthday week!