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Hoda Kotb has a picture-perfect day at the beach with her '2 babes'

The TODAY anchor had a great time at the beach with her daughter, Haley Joy, and boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb hit the beach this weekend with her two babes!

One of those babes, of course, was her precious daughter, Haley Joy. The weather was nice, so the pair enjoyed a summer day on the sand. Haley Joy loved the view!

Hoda’s other “babe,” boyfriend Joel Schiffman, was right there with them. Smile for the camera, you guys!

We love your fashion sense, Haley Joy. That hat looks perfect on you.

The 4-month-old also got in some quality bonding time with her grandmother (a.k.a. Hoda’s mom), Sami Kotb.

Haley Joy really enjoys relaxing on the beach. She had some fun in the sun with her family during Memorial Day weekend, too.

We wonder how her sand castle-building skills are....

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