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Hoda Kotb gives update on baby Hope and her sweet bond with sister Haley

Life with her new baby girl has been "like a dream," Hoda told the TODAY gang during a Mother's Day phone check-in.
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb is all set to celebrate her first Mother's Day since adopting baby Hope!

The TODAY co-anchor called in to the show Friday to give an update on life with her new baby girl and Hope's sweet bond with Hoda's older daughter, Haley, 2, who has quickly embraced her role as a big sister.

"They're in love,'' Hoda said. "They're just hanging out. She wakes up in the morning and kisses Hope, and when she goes down at night, she wants to give her a good night kiss.

"The other day she said, 'Hope's my friend.' I was like, 'Oh, my God.' I just feel like she's got a life partner, and I can't tell you how that fills my heart to know that there is somebody who is gonna hold her hand all the way through life."

Haley Joy already loves being a big sister to Hope.
Haley Joy already loves being a big sister to Hope. TODAY

Hoda has been taking time away from the show to adjust to her growing family with boyfriend Joel Schiffman since adopting Hope Catherine last month.

She had long wanted to bring a second child into the family after becoming a first-time mother at 52 when she adopted Haley in 2017.

"Look, did I ever imagine on Mother's Day I would be saying I'm a mom of two?'' she asked. "Never in my wildest imagination."

She has plenty of help with the girls this weekend, as she has been joined by her mother, Sami, and her sister, Hala, for a great Mother's Day celebration.

"We're all together, which I'm so excited about,'' she said. "Joel said he has some surprises in store, so we'll see what that's about.

"I'm just happy I get to watch my mom hold my daughters. I get to watch that happen, which again in my wildest dreams was never, ever, ever gonna happen."

While Hoda misses her TODAY family, Haley makes sure they are tuned in to the show every morning.

"If the TV's not on, Haley's like, 'Where's Nana?''' Hoda said, referencing Haley's cute name for co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. "She asks every morning where y'all are as if we live together."

And her baby girl seems to already have the same disposition as the always-upbeat Hoda and the sweet smile of Haley.

"It's awesome,'' Hoda said. "Right now at this moment, Hope is smiling. I think it's a smile or it's gas, either one. She is like a dream."