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Hilarious photo proves there are 2 types of kids on the first day of school

One's ready to go, while the other isn't — sounds about right, doesn't it?
/ Source: TODAY

Remember what it was like to head back to school after a long summer?

If you're a parent of school-aged children, you definitely do. And now a viral photo from Reddit is giving us all a good laugh as moms and dads across the country prepare to send their kids back to the classroom.

Mom Traci Willis told TODAY her children's uncle posted the photo online, and the family had no idea it would be such a hit — her initial reaction was fear that her son and daughter's photo was circulating the internet, but she also sees the humor in the snapshot, calling it "cute and funny."

The post, cleverly titled, "There's two types of kids on the first day of school...", shows two children: the first, a girl with a big smile, clearly excited but perhaps equally anxious, ready to go with her bright pink backpack. But in the background is another kid, this one curled on the floor, his face stricken.

One's ready to go, while the other isn't — sounds about right, doesn't it?

And that's pretty much what happened on the first day of school, Willis said. Her daughter was excited to start kindergarten, but her younger son was "very nervous" about heading to preschool. And when it was time to take a photo that morning, he panicked.

"He was not having that," Willis said in an email. "That is when he just decided to lay down on the floor and cry."

But the story ends well: Willis said her son was fine once they got to school.

"He told us he was 'feeling better about school now,'" she said.

Whether your kid resembles one or the other, or falls somewhere in between, it's a hilarious reminder of what it feels like to put on a new outfit and a backpack filled with notebooks and No. 2 pencils and start another school year.

This story was originally published in 2016.