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Hilarious 'alternative' PTA fundraiser: Forget the bake sale, just give us cash

A PTA at a school in Texas allegedly sent a hilarious "alternative fundraiser" form to parents asking for cash in lieu of bake sales and walk-a-thons.
/ Source: TODAY

Instead of hitting up parents for bake sales and walk-a-thons to raise money, a Parent Teacher Association in Texas is cutting to the chase in hilarious fashion with a simple message: just give us cash.

Dee Heinz, a mother of three from Rockwall, Texas, posted an "alternative fundraiser" form on Facebook she claims was sent by the PTA at her seventh-grade son's school, which has not been identified. The form lists options like a $15 donation for "I don't want to bake, so here is the money I would've spent on those cupcakes," and $50 for "I do not want to walk, swim or run in any activity that has the word 'thon' in it. Here is the money I would've spent on my child's 'free' T-shirt."

The post has been shared more than 150,000 times, surely getting a laugh or a knowing nod from parents weary of the various fundraisers involved with schools and activities. Heinz did not return a request for comment by on Thursday, and no other parents from the school appear to have posted it on social media.

"This fundraiser is in lieu of sending students home with the task of selling door-to-door, collecting money, and delivering goods,'' the form reads. "Please help us avoid that by supporting our PTA with your donations, and helping us achieve our goals to support our students and faculty."

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