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Hilaria Baldwin fires back at mom shamers on Instagram

The mom of four had plenty to say to critics who pointed out that baby Romeo wasn't wearing a hat while in the pool with dad Alec Baldwin.

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin is firing back at mom shamers who asked why her 1-year-old son Romeo wasn't wearing a hat when he took his first-ever dip in the pool.

The mother of four shared a sweet video on Sunday showing her youngest son, Romeo Alejandro David, being held in the water by his father, Alec Baldwin. In the video, the baby seems a bit uncertain about whether he liked his first swim.

While some people enjoyed the adorable family moment, other commenters were quick to pounce on why baby Romeo wasn't wearing a hat and whether he was wearing sunscreen.

Baldwin issued a challenge to her critics in the caption of the video.

"Stop about the hat. If you would like, I will invite you to my home and you can try to both put a hat on him and have him keep it on. You will be my honored guest," she wrote. "And OF COURSE he has sunscreen on. What is wrong with people that they expect the worst?"

Baldwin certainly isn't the first parent who has ever felt judged for their choices.

Savannah Guthrie opened up about a similar experience she had as a new mom when she posted a photo of her daughter Vale, not wearing a hat at the beach.

Like Baldwin, Guthrie decided to address the critics on Instagram.

"Oh my goodness. Of course Vale has a hat, but more to the point, that was the one very short moment she was even allowed in the sun," she wrote. "Trust me, I've had skin cancer twice. I'm not about to let her sit in the sun unprotected."