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Hilaria Baldwin breaks ankle during run after escaping speedy driver

"It’s hard because I can’t carry my babies—amongst so many other things," Baldwin said of her injury.
/ Source: TODAY

Hilaria Baldwin is being forced to slow down after she broke her ankle while out for a run.

The mother of five and "Mom Brain" podcast co-host shared a photo of herself in bed with a bandaged right leg elevated on pillows as she held her two month old son Eduardo.

"I broke my ankle yesterday because you know...2020," she wrote on Instagram. "I went for a run and a car passed fast on this patch or road with no shoulder where there was a berm. I ran up on to the berm to avoid the car and as I was returning to the road, I fell and broke my ankle."

Baldwin said she's dealing with the setback as best as she can.

"It was silly and I’m frustrated and sad...but I’m determined to be positive and heal as quickly as possible," she wrote. "It’s hard because I can’t carry my babies—amongst so many other things."

She also asked drivers to slow down around runners, cyclists and children playing outside.

"It’s worth the extra few seconds it takes you," she wrote. "Thank you to John...the kind man who stopped and helped me up from the road and waited with me until Alec came—forever grateful."

Hilaria shares newborn Eduardo, Romeo, 2, Leonardo, 4, Rafael, 5 and Carmen, 7 with husband Alec Baldwin, who is also father to daughter Ireland, 25, from his marriage to Kim Bassinger.

After the birth of Eduardo, Baldwin shared a photo of her four boys, writing: "I'm so tired, but also so in love."