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Hide your kids: New Nerf gun model is automatic, fires at 68 mph

Nerf's newest blaster, the Rival Khaos, has a 40-round clip and can fire continuously.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or a torso.

At the New York Toy Fair this past weekend, Hasbro announced a new Nerf blaster toy that fires foam pellets at 68 miles per hour.


The stomach-churning upgrade, dubbed the Nerf Rival Khaos, features a 40-round clip and is fully automatic, meaning the spongy balls will keep coming as long as the shooter keeps a finger on the trigger, The Verge and others report.

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The toy weapon hits stores this fall with a price tag of $69.99.

But a note to parents (and little brothers): Don’t run for cover just yet.

Hasbro promised the hefty blaster’s bullets don't hurt and won’t leave a mark. Anyone care to take one for the team and test that claim on behalf of children everywhere?


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The Rhode Island-based company actually rolled out its high-velocity Rival line last year.

The next-gen blasters — which are targeting the teen market — made a big splash in toy stores, prompting Hasbro to launch this year’s upgraded version, Gizmodo reported.

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Let us pray. But first, let us run.