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HGTV's Mina Starsiak says it's painful to watch past footage of her fertility woes

The "Good Bones" star is expecting her second child in September.
/ Source: TODAY

HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk, who spent months documenting her struggles with infertility on social media and in the newest season of "Good Bones," admitted the footage "kind of sucks to watch."

"In the Mother's Day special, it had the scene were our doctor told us we could only probably have another kid with an egg donor,” Starsiak Hawk told People.

After the appointment, the 32-year-old "Good Bones" host shared a video of herself crying in her car. At the time, it felt uncomfortable to be so vulnerable on Instagram.

"I'm not emotional in public. I just don't do that," Starsiak Hawk explained, adding that "no one wants to see anyone cry."

But Starsiak Hawk has no regrets about putting it all out there.

“I’m glad I did that,” she revealed, noting that it was important for her to be transparent with her viewers.

After a failed around of IVF, Starsiak Hawk announced in March that she is pregnant with her second child. The baby is due in September. The Indianapolis-based home renovation pro and her husband, Steve Hawk, are already parents of a 22-month-old son named Jack.

Starsiak Hawk isn’t ready to divulge whether Jack is getting a brother or sister, but she dished on the baby’s name.

“Our name for a boy or a girl is actually the same: It’s Charlie Drew,” she said. “We really like Charlie because it’s unisex.”

In December 2019, Starsiak Hawk apologized to her Instagram followers “for the spam” of fertility-related posts.

“I do (it) bc of the literal hundreds, likely thousands of women that have thanked me bc allowing my struggle to be public has helped them in one way or another; mostly just not feeling alone bc so many people just don’t talk about these things,” she wrote. “It’s a silent struggle [that] no one gets until they’re there.”

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