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Caught on tape! Hero employee makes incredible catch to save falling toddler

Come for this employee saving a toddler from a fall, stay for his goofy celebration for the security camera.
/ Source: TODAY

Apparently the cat-like reflexes developed while skydiving can also come in handy for saving falling toddlers.

When a customer's young son went tumbling off the front counter at iFly, an indoor skydiving center in Houston, employee Jesse "Tex" Leos reacted instantly for an amazing, one-armed save.

Even Leos knew he had just made a clutch grab, and showed off a quick flex for the security camera before giving a thumbs-up.

"Just out of the corner of my eye I saw the child fall and didn’t have that much time to think about it, and next thing I know I’m holding the kid," Leos told NBC Houston affiliate KPRC.

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He initially posted the video for friends on his Facebook page before others put it on Reddit and Imgur to show the world his gravity-defying reaction.

Leos knows plenty about humans plummeting to earth, as he has honed his reflexes by doing tricks in the center's wind tunnel and serving as a skydiving instructor at another facility.

"Definitely my reflexes were quick, and I can attest that’s to the training that we do every day here,'' he told KPRC. "We both just kind of had a laugh at it, and it was kind of one of those ‘that just happened’ kind of moments that turned out great."

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