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Here's the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for breast-feeding moms

This reindeer sweater is the best inspiration ever if you're a breast-feeding mom looking for a surefire win at the ugly Christmas party.
/ Source: TODAY

Ho, ho, hello there!

This glorious reindeer sweater is the best inspiration ever if you’re a breast-feeding mom looking for a surefire win at the ugly Christmas sweater party. It could also be the perfect way to shut down the haters who don’t care to see your breasts while nursing this holiday season. After all, who could shun Rudolph?

The handmade “Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater,” sold on Etsy, has a convenient hole for one breast and comes with stick-on eyes and a red tinsel nose. While it's not intended for breast-feeding, it is being embraced as fun choice for an ugly sweater party — whether you’re nursing or not.

The Beautiful Breastfeeding Facebook page shared a photo of the sweater with the caption: “Bahaha, ugly sweater BF style …” The post was shared more than 6,000 times and counting, and has racked up hundreds of comments.

Many tagged their friends to let them know that their ugly sweater had been found, or to ask for one themselves.

“For my 2 amazing breast-feeding powerhouses!!!!!” Dawn Campbell-Morgan wrote on the page.

“Lol. This is Awesome!!!!!!! love it. I need one!,” Bree Dosser wrote.

“Awesome, if only my boobs were still this perky! HahahHaha!!” wrote Carrie Donnelly Reynolds.

"Too bad we're not breastfeeding any more," Judy Clarke wrote, to which Brock Michaels responded: "It's almost worth getting knocked up again just to get one for next Christmas!"

On, writer Stacy-Ann Goodensaid her jaw dropped when she saw the sweaters.

“'How come I didn’t know about this sooner,’ I asked my husband,” she wrote. “It would have been perfect to have for the holidays while I was nursing our babies.”

Not everyone is a fan. Amid all the “love it” comments on Facebook were others on the Beautiful Breastfeeding page saying “no way.”

Maureen McCarthy Johnson wrote: “Totally gross.” “That is so wrong,” wrote Cassie Taylor.

The sweater is offered by the YourSassyGrandma Etsy shop for $49.99. The product description says it’s not meant for nursing because the eyes pose a choking hazard.

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And the shop’s owner, Tyler Wiseman, told BabyCenter that once the nipple-covering nose is removed, it can’t be reused.

“So if the mother needs to feed her baby she would have to take the nose off, clean her nipple to feed the baby and wouldn’t be able to put the reindeer nose back on,” he told the website. “Unless of course, she purchased extra toupee tape. Then she could reapply as much as she needed. My wife breast-fed our three girls so I know that could mean a lot of extra tape!”

But with a fun sweater like this, maybe you’d spring for the tape. The sweater could be the perfect holiday foil to those who ask breast-feeding women to cover up or go someplace private.

And why should women have all the fun? YourSassyGrandma has something for the guys too: A men’s version with a much larger hole that comes with stick-on antlers and eyes. As for the Rudolph’s red nose?

“Remember your nipple is the reindeer’s nose!” the description says. “The more hair you have on your chest the better, it will make your reindeer look even more furry!”

Any which way you wear them, these sweaters sure offer some novel ways of sharing your holiday spirit.