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The song Hoda Kotb sings to Haley Joy totally brings us back to our childhood

Hoda Kotb reveals to her special co-host, Charles Easton, the tune she likes to "Sing" to Haley. Hint: It's a Sesame Street classic.
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone who knows Hoda Kotb knows she loves her some tunes. So it makes sense that she sings them to her daughter Haley Joy whenever possible.

And what does Hoda like to “Sing” lately? It’s a Sesame Street classic, a song which allows her to, as the lyrics suggest, "Sing out loud! Sing out strong!”

Hoda sang a bit of the Sesame Street "Sing" song with "Nashville" actor and singer Charles Easton, her special TODAY co-anchor who filled in Friday for Kathie Lee Gifford.

The pair were asked for an online episode of “Uncorked” about their favorite song to sing in the shower.

For Easton, it's whatever single he’s preparing to promote or sing in a performance

Hoda said she loves to mix it up.

“Mine changes every time,” she said, explaining sometimes she will belt out Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars.

But lately, she said she’s got the Sesame Street tune "Sing" on her mind.

“That one was the one I’ve been singing lately for no apparent reason,” she said.

And why not?

Who doesn't like to “sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad?” Especially when we're reminded, "don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear."