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From Florida to Colombia, here are the family vacations your kids have in mind

Children from far and wide took control of their family's vacations, choosing destinations on behalf of their hard-working parents. (By TODAY with our sponsor JetBlue)
/ Source: TODAY

We asked, and boy, did you (and your kids) respond.

Children from far and wide took control of their family's vacations, choosing destinations on behalf of their hard-working parents.

(By TODAY with our sponsor JetBlue)

From the beaches of Florida, to fossil hunting out west, we received thousands of responses, each with a destination and plan as unique as the family itself.

Here are the families heading on trips, along with their entries:

Abby Erskine

The family vacation of our dreams would be to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Every night after dinner us kids gather around to listen to our dad read the Harry Potter books. We look forward to it every day!

The Erskine kids.Abby Erskine

Our dad works very hard and has two jobs, but he still makes time to read to us. We are trying really hard to save money by doing extra chores around the house and taking our recycling in. We would love to surprise our dad with this trip! Accio Harry Potter Land!

Samantha Sforza

My son and I moved to Florida from New York a little over a year ago. His great-grandma still lives in New York and he begs to see her every day. She comes to visit but funds are tight. Our funds are also tight. He gets change for doing little chores as he is only 3 years old.

Samantha Sforza

He has a piggy bank that grandma gave him and puts every last penny in to it. He always says once he gets enough he will go visit her. I hope that one day comes very soon!

Allison Stiehl

Hi! We are the Stiehl family. Zach is 10, Ella is 5 and Taylor is 18 months. Mom and dad are "old!" These three kids have been begging to go out west to Dinosaur Monument National Park. Ella is a dinosaur enthusiast and we all enjoy fossil hunting whenever we go hiking. Zach absolutely loves camping and fishing which Utah and Wyoming are known for.

The family with a dino!Alison Stiehl

Mom really wants to drive a Jeep and see the stars in each of the darkest skies. We will get there some day, but would love your help!

Abigail Stvartak

Our names are Killian and Jameson. We would love to go to Seattle so we can go whale watching and see orcas in real life!

Killian and Jameson.Abigail Stvartak

We think orcas are so cool, and ever since we watched the "Free Willy" movies we have wanted to see them in the wild. We want to learn more about these animals and what we can do to help them. We want our parents to take us and our little sister, Quinn, to a new place that we can explore together.

Nukhet Malone

"When Molly is done with cancer, can we go on vacation?" Referring to their older sister, my 3 younger children asked that question last summer. My 15-year-old daughter was battling bone cancer. My younger children developed anxiety over their sister's illness. We turned to books as an escape and discovered "Harry Potter."

Nukhet Malone

My daughter is in remission. Their grandparents bought us tickets to Disney as a treat. But they really want to see Universal. I'd love to bring the magic of "Harry Potter" to life for them.

Kelli Cerrillo

My 7-year-old son, Apollo, is science-obsessed. He joined MENSA at 4 and was recently invited to meet with MIT's Solar Electric Vehicle Team. While he loves the beach, roller coasters and cracking jokes with friends, he is most passionate about space, nature & caring for the Earth.

Kelli Cerrillo

He would happily trade in the contents of his piggy bank (that he made from recycled materials) to go to Nashville to view the solar eclipse on August 21st, or the Louisiana Space & Science Center.

Victoria Palek

I was born in a small town in Colombia. Life brought me the U.S. as a child, but my roots and traditions have remained a strong part of who I am. Our five children love learning about their heritage. They want to visit Colombia to explore the culture, practice their Spanish, enjoy the food, and meet my relatives who still live there.

Victoria Palek

Our kids have also developed a passion for soccer and are big fans of the Colombian team! We would enjoy an opportunity to visit Cartagena, Colombia! GRACIAS!"