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Her hero! Tiny fighter rushes in to 'save' little girl from karate teacher

/ Source: TODAY

One little boy got his money's worth out of his martial arts class.

When he saw a girl in karate class struggling against her instructor, he came to her defense in an incredible (and hilarious) display of bravery.

A video posted by Kyoot Kids shows the little girl fighting her karate instructor, who has a clear advantage — he's about double her size.

When the little girl is on her back kicking the instructor, one boy in the background suddenly looks up. Five seconds later, he runs over to help her out.

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The little girl crawls to safety — we should note she and the teacher seemed to be merely play fighting — when the little boy comes running over at full speed and throws a big jab at the instructor.

The little boy steps back and looks up, as if to silently say, "I'm watching you," and stomps right back across the gym.

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His courageous act didn't go unnoticed by the adults in the room. Immediately, all of the instructors and onlookers break out into laughter, and the room erupts in cheers and applause.

No matter their reaction, this kid showed them.