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'Hello, school is closed': Moses Brown School channels Adele to announce snow day

Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, announced a snow day via its parody, "Hello, school is closed."
/ Source: TODAY

Hello, it's another snow day-inspired cover of Adele's widely popular "Hello."

But we're not complaining. If they're funny, keep 'em coming!

Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, announced a snow day Friday via its parody, "Hello, school is closed," which is complete with a sepia-toned video and plenty of emotions.

The school is no stranger to musical snow day announcements. Last year, Head of School Matt Glendinning, who also stars in this year's installment, announced a snow day via a cover of "Let it Go" from the popular animated film "Frozen."

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"Hello, it's Matt," Glendinning opens in this year's video.

"I was wondering if you've seen the whiteness on the streets outside / It's all over everything," he explains, gearing families up for the big news.

Finally, he announces, "So it's too late / school is closed for today."

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The students are not happy to hear the news. The video shows them knocking on the school doors and comforting each other when they find out they're locked outside.

"I'm sorry, students, if it breaks your heart," Glendinning consoles.

The teachers, on the other hand, are "kind of psyched," reminding us of this third-grade teacher's "Hello" parody from January, during which she begged for a snow day.

The end of the video hilariously cuts to the future, when the school calls a family to tell them school is re-opened. The boy picks up the phone, tells his family the news, and he and his sister cheer.

Then, another educator at the school receives the school-is-back call and is overcome with sadness.

Sorry, students, we're with the teachers on this one.

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