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Heidi Montag reveals she had surgery to improve chances of conceiving baby No. 2

"The Hills: New Beginnings" star and husband, Spencer Pratt, are hoping for a second child.
/ Source: TODAY

Heidi Montag is opening up about her journey with infertility.

In a new Youtube video posted Thursday, Montag revealed she underwent a hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure, which is a surgical procedure to remove uterine polyps that are non-cancerous.

Heidi Montag revealed she underwent a hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure in hopes of conceiving her second child.The Pratts/ Youtube

"I was feeling nervous last night about it, but I'm excited today," Montag shared from the car, as her friend drove her to the hospital. "And I'm hoping that the surgery works and that this is the only reason I haven't been able to get pregnant."

Once inside, "The Hills: New Beginnings" star, 34, shared how she was feeling.

"Hopefully after this, I can get pregnant right away," she said donning a surgical mask, plastic cap, and purple hospital gown in the video.

After surgery, Montag gave an update and said she had no cramping.

"Feeling good," Montag said post-op while facing the camera in a recovery room. "And then I can have intercourse in two days and I'm ovulating. So hopefully, this is the time."

Later in the vlog, Montag joins husband Spencer Pratt for a "victory dinner" at an outdoor restaurant.

"It's a victory. It's done," she said.

Montag and Pratt, who wed in 2009, welcomed son, Gunner Stone, in 2017. Secondary infertility is the term for experiencing difficulty conceiving another child after giving birth, and it affects about 10% of all couples.

During summer 2019, Montag said she asked MTV when the best time to get pregnant would be to accommodate the couple's filming schedule.

"They said, 'Right around January!'" she told Page Six. "That’s when I wanted it anyway, so it works out perfectly, because we’re not filming."

In February 2021, Montag fired back at rumors she was expecting baby two.

"No I am not pregnant yet. Just a little overweight," she wrote on Twitter.

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