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Let these happy, heartwarming stories and videos end your week right

Whether you have spring fever or baby fever, we've got you covered.
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It's been a heavy week as we marked the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 outbreak in our country and the pain and loss that came with it.

But even after the year we had no idea we would have, life still goes on. It is indeed the little details that count. Here are the moments that made us smile this week:

"BBC Dad" marked the 4-year anniversary of his viral interview

It's hard to believe it has been four years since Pusan National University professor Robert Kelly's interview with the BBC was abruptly interrupted by his small children — and then his frantic wife — bursting into his home office and into the camera's view.

Young Marion is now 8 and plays the cello, and baby James is now 4 and still mischievous.

And though his cringeworthy work-from-home moment felt relatable four years ago, Kelly now looks like a bonafide prophet for the parents who have spent the last year working from home by Zoom.

Witness Slate host and columnist Lizzie O'Leary's recent behind-the-scenes tweet of her work-from home situation.

Hang in there, parents.

... and this dad marked the end of a career of service

Tissue warning: TikTok user Crystal Wilson's video of her dad's last call as a sergeant in the Keizer Police Department in Keizer, Oregon, that began his retirement after 28 years of service might leave you a little bit teary.


Watch this video of my dads last call as a Sergeant. Happy retirement pops! Thank you for your service ##fyp ##fypsounds ##foryoupage ##police

♬ original sound - Crystal Wilson

When dispatch responds and acknowledges "an outstanding person with gratitude for a job well done," Sergeant Greg Barber grows visibly emotional.

Thank you for your service, Sergeant Barber, and enjoy retirement!

After bonding through grief, two women left their server a gift

Two friends recently visited Slyman's Tavern in Independence, Ohio, and ordered $100.21 in mostly takeout food, explaining that neither of them cooks much anymore because they both lost their husbands.

Their server, Tanya, told them she understood: She hasn't cooked since she lost her own husband in April 2020.

When Tanya collected their bill, she realized the women had left her a gift in the form of a $2,021 tip.

two women who left this tip for a server who said she lost her husband last year
After realizing they had all lost husbands, two women left their server, Tanya, a tip for $2,021 and hope for brighter days ahead.Slyman's Tavern

"They wanted to take care of her and assure Tanya things would be better," said Rebecca Riemer, Slyman's marketing coordinator. "She was shocked obviously and said she couldn't accept it, but they insisted and said they could afford it."

It's moments like these that will make 2021 a better year for everyone!

... and with the help of TikTok, a woman uses tips to spread love

Lexy Burke has found the best way to use her social media powers for good.

Using donations from her 1.4 million TikTok followers under the TikTok handle @lexylately, Burke collects enough money through Venmo and CashApp to spread love through unexpected and over-the-top tips to service workers around her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Whether she is tipping her Instacart delivery person $2,000, her Buffalo Wild Wings server $1,000 or her Uber driver $1,000, Burke makes sure each recipient knows the money is not from her, but from thousands of people who just want to be part of an act of kindness.


What he says at the end is what this is all about 🥺🙏🏻THANK YOU for making this possible ##fyp ##venmochallenge ##lexylately ##serialtipper ##give ##unity

♬ Worship Instrumental - Instrumental - Adrian Jonathan

Her followers even collected enough money recently to buy a Steak 'n Shake drive-thru cashier with a sick husband and three small children a brand new Dodge Caravan and a year of car insurance.

Burke has completed 135 of these gifts, making her account the perfect place to go if you need to restore your faith in humanity. As one recent recipient said, there are good people everywhere in this world.

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They met as babies, and now they're getting married!

This is what you call a "meet cute": When she was born 26 years ago, Courtney Mahnken shared side-by-side hospital cribs with a baby boy named Nick Monguso.

The two grew up in the same town, and when they were 14, they began to fall in love. But they never knew they had actually met as newborns until their parents realized they looked familiar to each other.

Now, the two are engaged, and their love story has gone viral on TikTok.

"It's always been you," Nick Monguso told Courtney Mahnken when he proposed to her. They will be married June 30, 2022.
"It's always been you," Nick Monguso told Courtney Mahnken when he proposed to her. They will be married June 30, 2022.Courtney Mahnken

“He said, ‘It’s always been you,’” Mahnken said. “And I feel the same way. It’s always, always been Nick.”

We love a happy ending!

...and these babies give us baby fever

Need some baby goodness?

We can offer you a baby who just learned how to blow raspberries on his mom's tummy for starters.

Then, NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes's fiancée, Brittany Matthews, gave us a first glimpse of their first daughter, Sterling Skye, this week!

And yes, this baby's post-sneeze sigh does in fact give us feelings.

Partial to four-legged babies? We've got some happiness for you, too.

And just in case you need some affirmation today...

Repeat after her.

You heard the girl. You are going to have a good day!