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Bend it like...Harper! David Beckham shares pic of daughter scoring goal

David Beckham's daughter Harper may have some skills on the soccer field, based on an Instagram daddy posted.
/ Source: TODAY

David Beckham has his hands full these days with growing tween and teen boys (one of whom had daddy chaperone a date), but he's also got little 3-year-old daughter Harper to play on his heartstrings.

Or on the soccer pitch.

Back in May we saw how David would happily accept her hairstyling techniques, but now with a new photo he reveals she's exhibiting fresh talents.

As he wrote in the caption, "Mia Hamm eat your heart out ... Harper Seven taking lessons from her brothers (oh and her dad )".

Mom Victoria Beckham is also thrilled with her daughter. She and David have three boys: Brooklyn (16), Romeo (12) and Cruz (10), so having a girl was a "lovely surprise," as she told People.

That said, Harper's interest in sports rather than fashion (her mom's expertise) is a bit distressing.

"Harper loves football," she said. "It’s like a dagger going into my heart! ... As much as she is girlie, she’s a tomboy as well."

Fortunately, nobody's getting bent out of shape. Score one for Harper.

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