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These videos and stories will give you warm fuzzies to end a hard week

Keep looking up!
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This week was, unfortunately, marked by yet more tragedy in our country. If you are looking for reasons to remember the good in the world and to smile, we have some to share.

A kindergarten teacher brings the zoo to his students

Kindergarten teacher Garrett Talcott lives just 10 minutes away from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Recently, he decided that instead of showing his class of 27 students at Ella Baker Elementary videos about animals, he would (very enthusiastically) take them to see some live — on his laptop.

Talcott has been teaching remotely all year, but he is not letting distance get in the way of his connection to his students. When his partner Michael Rivera-Dirks shared videos of Talcott teaching on TikTok, they went viral ... for a good reason.

“You hear these kids, (and) they’re not seeing a dark time. They’re kids,” Rivera-Dirks explained. “Knowing they are our future — it’s gonna be OK. I knew I had to put it out to the world.”

This TikTok account provides chipmunks — and their cheeks — to make you smile

Have you met Dinky, Squishy, SpongeBob, Boris or any of the other chipmunks of TikTok? If not, you need to have them in your life. Trust us.

It's the cheeks for me.

A camera caught the moment a dog saved her human's life

Clover, a 1-year-old Maremma mix, is a very good girl. Her owner, Haley Moore, has good reason to believe Clover is, in fact, the BEST girl.

Recently, the Ottawa, Canada, resident suffered a seizure while she was walking with Clover. Clover immediately jumped into action, attending to Moore before bounding into the street and stopping traffic to protect her. The moment was captured by a neighbor's security camera.

We're happy to report Clover feasted on steaks that evening as a reward for her heroic act. Good dog, Clover!

... and this social media challenge proves (once again) dogs are the best

In case you needed reminding, this TikTok challenge that has owners kissing their dogs' heads and filming the dogs' reactions just shows again how much we don't deserve dogs.

Be right back — we're off to find a doggo to kiss.

Bindi Irwin welcomed a baby girl!

Somewhere, a Crocodile Hunter is smiling. Bindi Irwin, the 22-year-old daughter of wildlife warrior Steve Irwin, welcomed her first child, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, on her first wedding anniversary to husband Chandler Powell.

Baby Grace is named after Irwin's great-grandmother Grace. Her middle names, Warrior and Irwin, are a tribute to Irwin's famous father, who died in 2006.

"There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl," Irwin wrote on Instagram. "She chose the perfect day to be born and we feel tremendously blessed."

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Warning: This big brother's love might make your heart swell

When little Orion held two of his three baby sisters for the first time, his reaction could not have been sweeter.


Orion’s 1st time meeting Birdie, he asked to hold both babies. 2/3 of our babies were finally home. 🥺🥲 He has been the best ##bigbrother since day 1

♬ original sound - The Grill Gang

"This one's smiling at Orion!" he exclaims while holding back tears. "Makes Orion so happy."

(Cue a collective "Awwwww!")

With triplets Juniper, Flora and Birdie now all at home from the hospital, Orion and the other "Grill Gang" members surely have a full house, full hands and very full hearts!

... and this new mom's birth at age 57 beat the odds

Barbara Higgins, a 57-year-old New Hampshire teacher, gave birth to her third child, Jack, this week after only three hours of labor.

After enduring a sudden loss of their 13-year-old daughter in 2016, Higgins and her husband Kenny Banzhoff decided to go with their hearts and try to have another baby using IVF. Higgins said she decided her age would not play a role in their decision.

“Nobody can give birth to a baby and know with a certainty that they will be alive to see that baby grow up,” she said. “I don’t know how I will be in 10 years... And why should Jack not get to be alive because I’m old?”

Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Baby Jack!

This little boy's note to himself is what we all need to hear

At the age of 7, Cameron Nielsen has some important things figured out about himself.

When his mom Tanya was going through his backpack one day, she found a note he had written in his school journal any parent would love to see.

"I love myself because I'm strong," the note read. "I love me. I'm on fire, man. It's awesome."

Tanya shared the note with Cameron's dad, Tyson, and he posted it on Reddit, where it went viral with its message of positivity.

"We want to enable our kids to feel confident to go out and take on the hard things in the world, but it's hard to truly see if we're doing a good job at that," Nielsen told TODAY Parents. "My first thought was, 'I am so proud of this kid and his fire, and I could use a little more of this power in my own life.'"

Really, we all could use a little more of this power in our lives. Thank you, Cameron. It is awesome!

... and this little boy reminds us to keep looking at the stars

Brooklyn, New York-based stylist and designer Mikaela Pabon's social media accounts are full of beautiful photos of her in gorgeous clothing. However, it's her children, Christian and Elle, who sometimes steal the show.

Pabon re-shared a popular video this week of her son Christian when he was just 2 years old that has gone viral in the past. Christian loves space, and apparently, his interest in the moon and stars began early.


My sweet boy and *his* moon! Shared this so many times over the years on IG but felt like it needed some TikTok love too. 🥰 He’s 7 now.

♬ original sound - mikaela.pabon

"Look, that's the moon!" he cries in the video, pointing to the sky. "Mommy, you found the moon? You found it! My moon! My moon!"

Thanks for encouraging us to look up, Christian.

Have a better week, everyone!

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