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Let these happy, heartwarming stories and videos end your week

Trust us, you "need" this video of Al Roker dancing in your life.
/ Source: TODAY

Though the week had its lows, the days are stretching longer, the sun is growing stronger, and there are reasons to have hope for a good summer. Here are some more reasons to smile, starting with some of our NBC and TODAY Show faves:

Lester Holt answers to the name "Granddude"

When he is serving as the anchor on NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt is calm and collected, but when his 22-month-old grandson Samuel finally learned to call him "Granddude," he lost his cool composure.

“I just melt. You know, that’s the thing about kids. It takes you out of everything else going on in your life,” he said.

We can't blame him. We're melting at the idea of Lester — sorry, we mean Granddude — melting for his grandkids.

Al Roker has on his boogie shoes, and we're here for it

Listening to Jon Batiste's "I Need You" gives Al Roker happy feet, and watching him cut a rug with such abandon makes us happy, too.

... and the reason these RNs are dancing will make you cheer

Thank you, TikTok user Mervs Francisco, to you, your co-workers, and all our health care workers across the country.

This news definitely calls for celebration!

We found out Shaq's heart is even bigger than he is

A random encounter at a Zales jewelry store revealed 7'1" NBA legend and sports broadcaster Shaquille O'Neal's secret: he's known for random acts of kindness, though he rarely talks about them.

After overhearing a young man asking how much he still owed on an engagement ring he had bought on layaway, Shaq stepped in and offered to pay off the balance.

Though the man was initially reluctant to take Shaq's generous offer, Shaq eventually convinced him. “Don’t worry about it. I do it all the time. I'm just trying to make people smile. That's all,” he told him.

And as if we needed another reason to love teachers...

TikTok user Ramona Holloway's mom, a former teacher, has dementia. Holloway recently shared a video of her mom getting ready to go to adult daycare, which her mom believed was a new teaching job.

"Are those happy tears? Are you excited to be teaching again?" Holloway asks her mom as her mom nods her head emotionally and holds up a teaching-themed T-shirt.

After a long, frustrating, discouraging year for teachers, students, and parents, seeing a former teacher who obviously loved her profession so much is especially moving. We love you, teachers.

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Millions find this British TikTok star's food reviews "stunning"

A 21-year-old British woman was just looking for a way to lift her spirits during lockdown when she joined TikTok last fall. Dawn Farmer succeeded — but months later, she's now entertaining her 1.8 million followers with her honest but ever-so-polite reviews of American snack food and drinks.

But whether she is comparing Krispy Kreme to Dunkin' Donuts or declaring which British words are better than American words, Farmer is winning hearts and fans with her Yorkshire accent, her very British phrases ("Not nice," "stunning," and "foul" are favorites) and her glimpses into life in England.

"I really appreciate the American personality. You guys seem so friendly and full of life and positive," she said. "I really like to explore the differences between us, but also how many similarities we share."

In case you're wondering, your dog does "speak" human

The latest trend for dog owners on TikTok? Say your dog's favorite word and show their reaction. If you have ever wondered how your dog knows when you are planning on taking them for a walk or to the (oh no!) vet, we have news for you.


Onviously her favorite place to go 😂😂

♬ original sound - Juliann Thomas

They speak your language!

A first grader learned her voice does have power

Everyone knows clothes are just better when they have pockets, and 7-year-old Arkansas first-grader Kamryn Gardner was dismayed to find her Old Navy jeans had nowhere for her to keep her treasures or her hands warm.

For a school assignment, Kamryn wrote to the company and asked them to add real pockets to their girls' pants. To her surprise, Old Navy quickly responded — and, even better, they sent her four pairs of jeans with real front pockets!

Way to use your voice, Kamryn! Way to listen to your customers, Old Navy!

And clothing companies, take note: Kamryn is not alone. Women like pockets, too.

Finally, a reminder that good things are coming...

One of our new favorite things is post-COVID vaccine reunion videos. There is light at the end of the tunnel we have all been in for the past year.

Hang in there, everyone.