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These happy and heartwarming stories and videos will make you smile

Need a hug? Try this.
/ Source: TODAY

It's hard to believe it's almost March again — hasn't it been March for about 11 months now? But time marches on, even if it feels like it is standing still, and there are reasons to celebrate and smile every day.

Here are our reasons this week:

Mandy Moore became a mom!

Now she doesn't just play one on TV. Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith became parents this week when they welcomed their son, August Harrison Goldsmith, or "Gus" for short, into the world.

We love him already.

... and this sweet dog just became a big brother!

Sid just got himself a baby sister, and his enthusiasm is infectious. She's pretty adorable, too.


Sid meeting his sister for the first time 🐾

♬ original sound - Marissa

Brehanna Daniels is changing the NASCAR world...

At 27 years old, Brehanna Daniels is the first Black woman pit crew member in NASCAR history.

Daniels is part of NASCAR's Drive for Diversity Program, created in 2004 with a mission “to expose the athletic opportunities within NASCAR to women and minorities in order to increase or widen the pipeline for career opportunities,” according to Brandon Thompson, the vice president of diversity and inclusion at NASCAR.

“It's fantastic not only because she's an African American but more particularly because she's a woman,” Erik A. Moses, the first Black president of any NASCAR track, told TODAY by phone. “With the speed, agility and strength that is needed in order to make those pit stops really quick, I love little girls and boys and others knowing that, you know, that is a role that is that is open to women."

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... and this student visited the teacher who changed his life

Michael Lacey spent 21 years in prison, and in a video on TikTok, he paid a surprise visit to "Ms. Rice," the teacher he says was "a shining light in that dark place" and "helped 300 inmates get their GEDs."

We dare you to watch their reunion and not get caught up in the emotion.

Prince Harry has a cute nickname, and Baby Archie has a great first word

Of the many revelations that came from James Corden's interview with Prince Harry in Los Angeles this week, perhaps our favorite is that the former Meghan Markle calls him by the adorable nickname "Haz."

A close second is knowing Baby Archie's first word, which is impressive in both size and specificity.

We can't get enough of this adorable royal family, which is a good thing, since they will soon be expanding by one new member!

Speaking of cute babies and dads...

"You sit on your bum, Dad!" "Be careful, Dad!" "Be careful, Hun Dad!"

As TikTok user @karaleapior wrote in her video caption, "1-year-old knows best."

She even sings a little fitting Rolling Stones. Why is she not running everything yet?

And this little one has already learned Alexa can do anything ... even bring Daddy.

"Alexa, I need Daddy!"

It was worth a try!

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These Texas parents were reunited with their quadruplets!

Austin, Texas, couple Bill and Starlyn Cafferata never imagined a recent snowstorm could separate them from their newborn quadruplets, who were still in the NICU after being born on Jan. 18.

But after millions of Texans were left without power or heat, they realized they weren't in New Jersey anymore.

“The roads weren’t drivable,” Bill, a real estate agent, said. “I pulled my truck out of the driveway and got stuck for three hours. It was just a frozen ice wreck.”

The worried parents went eight full days without seeing tiny daughters Lennon, Stella and Francesca and son Enzo before they were joyfully reunited.

“They looked so different — they were bigger,” Starlyn said. “It was super emotional for me.”

... and this grandma had a 2021 spin on her "Outfit of the Day"

TikTok user "Grandma Droniak" describes herself as a "celebrity and a 90-year-old grandma," so maybe we shouldn't be surprised by her swagger as she shows off what she's wearing to get her vaccine.

Grandma Droniak, we like your style.