'Hands on the circle!': See the car hack Kristen Bell uses to keep her kids safe

/ Source: TODAY

Unpacking the car with the little ones in tow is not always an easy task. Trying to gather everything out of the trunk in one smooth trip while keeping one eye on them and another on the surrounding traffic would make any parent nervous.

Fortunately, Kristen Bell has revealed the simple "mom hack" that works for her and keeps her kids safe, called "Hands on the circle!"

The "Bad Moms" actress said that when her daughters, 2-year-old Delta and 4-year-old Lincoln, hop out of the car, they have to say this phrase and put one hand on the "circle," which is really the car's gas cap.

When the kids' hands are safely on the circle, mom can unload the car trunk without worrying that the two might accidentally wander into traffic.

"'Hands on the circle' (the circle is the gas cap) was invented by my brilliant sister in law, and has thus far kept all kiddos safe from any oncoming traffic while I unload the trunk," Bell wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday, which shows her daughters' hands on the gas cap.

Bell, who has said she welcomes parenting advice, definitely has some great pointers of her own to share. We hope she keeps those parenting hacks coming!