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11 funny (and free!) kid costumes you can make from stuff around the house

/ Source: TODAY

Moms and dads, you don’t need to explain how busy you are. We feel you. And that’s why we’re so excited to share something kind of amazing: Kid costume ideas that are not just last-minute but also are a) hilarious and b) FREE.


They’re free (or practically free) because they cleverly make use of stuff you have hanging around the house anyway. We’re talking everything from tool belts, wall clocks and stick horses to sweatbands, Cheez-It boxes and empty soda bottles. It’s upcycling with a sense of humor!

Huge thanks to the TODAY Parenting Team contributors who shared these creations in our “Halloween Costumes” challenge. If you’ve got kid costume ideas of your own, please share them here! You also can share photos, videos and essays at any time on our TODAY Parenting Team, and stay connected to our updates on our Facebook page. We always, always love hearing from you!

OK, without further ado, here are 11 kid costume creations using things around the house:

1. Property Brothers: Do you have twin boys? Do you have some cute boy clothes, a cell phone and a spare tool belt somewhere — one that isn’t too heavy? TA-DA! Baby Property Brothers! (Shared by Catherine Tew)

Catherine Tew / TODAY Parenting Team

2. Old Spice Guy: Do you have a would-be Old Spice Guy in your home? All he needs to do is tie a sweater around his shirtless neck and grab his Dad’s Old Spice and his little sister’s stick horse. Done! (Shared by Jodimerrill)

Jodimerrill / TODAY Parenting Team

3. Baby Cheez-It: Look! It’s a little Cheez-It! As mom Julia Holmes explained, “The box is from SAMs and the hat is a graduation cap with orange construction paper.”

Julia Holmes / TODAY Parenting Team

4. Cinderella: Kid who loves princess clothes? Check. Pumpkin that you bought anyway for the front porch? Check. Wall clock? Check. Instant Cinderella costume! (Shared by Susan Williamson)

Courtesy of Susan Williamson

5. Baby biker: With a tricycle, some makeup, a bandana and some sunglasses, you’ve got yourself a biker baby! (Fake tattoo sleeve optional.) (Also, just have to say it: We’re coveting that Sturgis onesie!) (Shared by Hilary Van Housen)

Hilary Van Housen / TODAY Parenting Team

6. Little logger: You don’t have to limit yourself to logging with an idea like this. With makeup, a toy tool of any kind and a carefully chosen shirt, you can create the lifelike look of a worker in any number of professions! (Shared by Alicia Goins Fain)

Alicia Goins Fain / TODAY Parenting Team

7. Tiny marathon runner: Armed with a sweatband, some comfy clothes and some safety pins, you too can be mom or dad to a shockingly cute baby marathon runner. (Shared by Jenna Wilson)

Jenna Wilson / TODAY Parenting Team

8. Scuba divers: Wait! Don’t throw those used soda bottles in the recycling bin just yet! With a little spray paint and some colored duct tape, you've got yourself a scuba diving costume. (Shared by Amanda Mushro)

Amanda Mushro / TODAY Parenting Team

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9. Scuba divers, take 2: Here’s another take on the deep-sea-diving theme, this time with some spare flippers thrown into the mix. Flip! Flop! Flip! Flop! (Shared by Sfkapoor)

Sfkapoor / TODAY Parenting Team

10. Pint-sized granny: For this “littlest old lady costume,” just slip some slippers onto your kiddo, grab Grandma’s walker and get going! (OK, the hair actually looks like it could take some work — but the glasses with chain are a brilliantly easy touch!) (Shared by MrsssMullen)

MrsssMullen / TODAY Parenting Team

11. God's gift to women: Got a spare box and some gift-wrapping paper? You can adapt this “God’s gift to women” costume any way you want! (Shared by Stacy Ann)

Stacy Ann / TODAY Parenting Team

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