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Halloween 2020 safety guidelines in every state

Halloween 2020 might look different with CDC guidelines on how to trick-or-treat safely.
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The coronavirus pandemic might be changing Halloween 2020, but it's still possible to celebrate the spooky holiday safely.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidance earlier in the fall about how families can stay safe.

What are the Halloween 2020 CDC guidelines? While traditional activities like trick-or-treating and visiting haunted houses are discouraged this year, the guidelines note that socially distanced pumpkin carving, scavenger hunts and household movie nights can be a great way to enjoy the holiday. If families do go trick-or-treating, a costume face mask is not a substitute for a cloth face mask.

Many states have started to release their own guidance and recommendations, though most of their guidelines are in line with the CDC's. TODAY Parents has rounded up every state's current recommendations for Halloween 2020. We'll keep updating this story, but since the situation keeps changing around the country, please check with your state's health department for the latest.

1. Alabama

The Alabama Department of Public Health has not released any specific guidance about Halloween in the state.

2. Alaska

Alaska has not shared any specific guidance about Halloween, but an essay developed in partnership with the state's COVID-19 response team recommends putting a "new spin on trick-or-treating" with virtual activities.

3. Arizona

The state of Arizona has not released specific guidance about Halloween, but areas such as Pima County and Maricopa County have asked residents to maintain social distancing and wear masks if participating in traditional Halloween activities.

4. Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Health released guidelines for Halloween on Oct. 6, cautioning that a costume mask was not a substitute for a more protective cloth mask and recommending that children only trick-or-treat with household members.

5. California

After Los Angeles retracted its ban on trick-or-treating, different parts of the state released guidance that follows CDC recommendations.

6. Colorado

Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment released guidance asking trick-or-treaters to follow best practices and follow local guidance. The department specifically recommends alternative celebrations.

7. Connecticut

The Connecticut State Department of Public Health asked people to observe CDC guidance by hosting virtual or drive-by events in lieu of in-person parties. The state also advised celebrating the holiday only with members of your household.

8. Delaware

Guidance from the state's Division of Public Health asked that residents observe best practices with distancing and masking, and follow CDC guidelines to stay safe during the holiday.

9. Florida

Florida has not released any state guidance about Halloween.

10. Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health has not shared any Halloween guidance.

11. Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of Health asks that state residents follow the guidelines set by the CDC, including staying at home and avoiding large gatherings.

12. Idaho

Idaho's state health department website says that the state's response to coronavirus is now "primarily local or regional in nature." Different areas of the state have released guidance through their local websites. The guidance released matches CDC guidance.

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13. Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, Halloween events like trick-or-treating need to incorporate social distancing, masking and handwashing, and must adhere to event size limits as set by state and local regulations.

14. Indiana

The state health department has not shared guidance yet, though its website links to the CDC guidance. Some areas, like Indianapolis and surrounding Marion County, have released their own guidelines.

15. Iowa

The Iowa Department of Public Health repeated the CDC guidance, reminding residents that they should avoid large events, wear masks and alter trick-or-treating plans for virtual options.

16. Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released a document that outlines "guidance for celebrating Halloween" amid the pandemic. Similar to the CDC's, the document advises people to look to specific county or town guidance as well as state recommendations.

17. Kentucky

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and the Kentucky Public Health Department released guidance that recommends mask-wearing, handwashing and social distancing, and reminds residents to avoid trick-or-treating if they're showing any symptoms of coronavirus.

18. Louisiana

Louisiana's state leaders haven't announced any specific Halloween-related guidance, but the city of New Orleans is modifying some of its famous Halloween events to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.

19. Maine

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has not released any specific guidance for Halloween.

20. Maryland

State guidance has not been released, but different counties in Maryland have shared guidelines for the holiday, asking people to follow the CDC guidance.

21. Massachusetts

Information from the Massachusetts state government recommends following the guidance released by the CDC and requires any trick-or-treaters to wear masks. Size limits are also in place on any group gatherings.

22. Michigan

A document from Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services reminds residents that "the only thing scary about Halloween should be the costumes!" The state asks that CDC guidelines be followed and offers some advice on how to keep trick-or-treating as safe and sanitary as possible.

23. Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health advised state residents to follow the guidelines released by the CDC.

24. Mississippi

The Mississippi State Department of Health has yet to release guidance, but local leaders have asked for caution with events and celebrations.

25. Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has not released statewide guidance, but cities including St. Louis and Kansas City have released guidance that mirrors the CDC recommendations.

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26. Montana

The state of Montana has not released any Halloween guidance so far.

27. Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has not released guidance, but local areas including the city of Lincoln and Douglas County have shared their own guidance for residents, asking that masks be worn and distancing be maintained.

28. Nevada

Nevada's state health department has not issued guidance, but counties have issued some recommendations and asked people to follow CDC guidance.

29. New Hampshire

New Hampshire's state leadership released some Halloween safety tips, reminding families and trick-or-treaters that "nothing is scarier than spreading COVID-19" during the holiday. The guidance mirrors CDC recommendations and asks that masking and distancing be maintained.

30. New Jersey

New Jersey released Halloween guidance that includes limiting the size of gatherings, wearing masks and avoiding traditional trick-or-treating. The state's governor Tweeted that while trick-or-treaters may "wish to dress as a knucklehead ... we don't want anyone to act like one."

31. New Mexico

New Mexico does not seem to have issued any guidance on Halloween, but the city of Albuquerque has canceled many of its traditional events.

32. New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would not ban trick-or-treating and added that guidance on Halloween was forthcoming. That guidance has not been shared yet.

33. North Carolina

North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance that resembles the CDC information, strongly recommending that families engage in alternative Halloween activities.

34. North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Health has not released Halloween guidance.

35. Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health released guidance similar to CDC recommendations, urging families to use caution when celebrating and advising against trick-or-treating and other traditional activities.

36. Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has not released Halloween guidance.

37. Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority is wishing residents a "a safe (but still spooky and fun)" Halloween, and asking them to avoid traditional trick-or-treat activities in accordance with CDC guidelines.

38. Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania health department has not issued any statewide guidance, but some counties have released their own recommendations in accordance with CDC guidelines. The city of Pittsburgh has announced trick-or-treating hours on Halloween, but asks that best practices be followed.

39. Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Health shared guidance for celebrating Halloween that follows CDC guidelines. The department specifically recommends avoiding costume masks, but to instead pair cloth face coverings with face paint.

40. South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has not shared any statewide guidance for Halloween.

41. South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Health has not released any Halloween guidance.

42. Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Health has not shared any Halloween guidance, but some counties have released their own recommendations in accordance with CDC guidelines.

43. Texas

Different local and county governments in Texas have released guidance for Halloween echoing CDC recommendations.

44. Utah

The Utah Department of Health has not released any guidance about Halloween.

45. Vermont

Vermont health officials have said that they will not cancel Halloween, but they're urging caution and asking trick-or-treaters to follow CDC guidance.

46. Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health has released guidance that mirrors CDC recommendations for Halloween, asking people to avoid large gatherings and traditional activities in favor of more distanced events.

47. Washington

The Washington State Department of Health released guidance to help residents ensure that Halloween is safe and fun even "with ghosts and goblins around every turn." The state guidance follows CDC recommendations.

48. West Virginia

West Virignia Gov. Jim Justice said he would announce Halloween guidance on Oct. 1. As of Oct. 8, there is no Halloween-related guidance on his site or the state's Department of Health and Human Resources site.

49. Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services shared Halloween guidance that mirrors CDC recommendations and asks residents to avoid traditional trick-or-treating and large groups.

50. Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Health released guidance that follows CDC recommendations and gives advice on how families can lower the risk of Halloween activities.