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Haley Joy is planking! We want to see your photos of your 'planking pumpkin'

Hoda Kotb shared an adorable photo of her daughter planking. We want to see pictures of your little ones doing the same pose!
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb has experienced so many incredible “firsts” with her beautiful daughter, Haley Joy, since adopting her in February: her first visit to the TODAY studio, her first trip to the beach, her first word (maybe).

She can now add another “first” to the list: Haley Joy’s first time planking!

On the show Wednesday, Hoda revealed the most adorable photo of her child in a planking pose.

“Is that freaky? She’s on her fingers and her toes!” Hoda gushed.

Hoda later posted the picture on Twitter and invited her followers to share pics of their own children planking. As it turns out, there are a lot of kids out there who love to plank!

Hoda has retweeted several contributions and even started her own hashtag, #plankingpumpkin. They’re all cute, from this flexible boy ...

... to this girl in “beast mode”...

... to these kids who are in training mode.

Parents are also sharing with us on our TODAY Parents Facebook page, too.

Do you have a young child who can plank for the camera? Share your photos with us on Facebook! We just can’t get enough!