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Guess where this cute toddler's 'missing' fork is hiding

/ Source: TODAY

This video is too cute, stick a fork in us — that is, if you can find it.

It's the very problem facing this adorable toddler, who couldn't find his fork for the life of him, even though it was in his hand the whole time.

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We would argue that the most shocking thing about this clip is that the little guy refuses to just eat with his hands. If silverware were all that stood between this reporter and a pasta dinner, the ending would not be nearly so polite.

But no, our hero is all about the manners. He's so distressed by the concept of finger food that he doesn't even hear the friendly off-camera voice telling him the fork is in his hand.

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He looks up and down. Side to side. What appears to be through the fork.

But don't worry, everyone, this story has a happy ending. The boy does find his missing fork and mows down on his meal.

Dinner is served.