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Gretchen Rossi shares adorable photos of newborn daughter

For people who complained she took too long to post baby photos, she had a succinct message: "Suck it"

More than a week after the birth of her first child, Real Housewives alum Gretchen Rossi shared highly anticipated photos of the baby girl in a sweet Instagram post.

"And then there were three," she wrote. "Thank you to the good Lord above for the most precious gift we have ever been given! Our perfect little miracle!"

The set of photos included an adorable black-and-white portrait of the baby, Skylar Gray Smiley, and her proud parents just hours after she was born; another full-color image showed the baby holding onto her parents' fingers. Others show her asleep in her hospital bassinet.

The baby girl was delivered via cesarean section, according to Rossi.

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Rossi said that the C-section was one reason why she and her husband, Slade Smiley, had been taking a break from social media, and hadn't shared any photos earlier in Skylar's life.

"We took some time off social media to just bond and be with our little angel!" she wrote, explaining that her recovery had been really tough and she was on her way to the doctor's office to check if she'd "popped a stitch."

"This has been the most difficult thing I have ever done, yet the most amazing, rewarding, incredible experience of my life," she wrote.

Some of Rossi's online followers had previously criticized Rossi for not immediately sharing photos.

"Posts every single day of pregnancy about baby. Baby is born and no post. Like really?" wrote one user, while another asked for an update post, since followers had "watched the pregnancy" for months.

"It is awful that Gretchen has not show a photo of the gal... does she thinks she is Megan Markle?" asked another.

Others criticized her for sharing photos with People Magazine.

"I think it is so disrespectful that Gretchen is trying to get money first before she shares a pic of Skylar," wrote one user. "I feel that it is a sign of disrespect towards her "followers".... not nice Mamma Gratchan." (Sic.)

On July 17, Rossi responded to "haters" on Instagram.

"Thank you to all of you who have been so wonderful, understanding, and supportive while we have taken some time away from social media to bond with Baby Skylar," wrote Rossi, also reminding followers that she was recovering from major surgery. "To all the haters, you can go suck it."

Despite the negativity on social media, Rossi said that she has been enjoying the first week of being a mother.

"I cry every five seconds it seems, either from pain, hormones, or just pure bliss looking into her sweet little eyes!" she wrote. "Thank you to to all of you who have been patient and understanding as I took my time to recover and bond with her. Love you all so much for your support and love for the 3 of us!"

Rossi also promised plenty of photos in the future.

"Of course we have a million more pictures to post and I’m sorry in advance!" she said. "I will also start posting on my stories all the fun we have had this past week getting to bond and know her."

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