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Granger Smith reveals he and wife are expecting baby boy: 'Our story isn't finished yet'

"Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s beat up and broken but it’s NEVER hopeless," Smith wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Country singer Granger Smith has revealed some big news — he and his wife, Amber, are expecting a baby boy this summer.

“We’re pregnant,” Smith captioned an Instagram video of the announcement. “I don’t have many words for this video. Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s beat up and broken but it’s NEVER hopeless. God promises that.

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“Our story isn’t finished yet, and neither is yours! Through our suffering and joy, God’s glory radiates through it all! A new Smith boy is due in August.”

Their announcement comes less than two years after their son River, 3, died in a drowning accident. In the video, Smith, Amber and their kids, son Lincoln 7, and daughter London, 9, talk to River.

“Dear River, because of the life you lived, we’ve known so much joy,” Smith begins while walking through a field.

“River, because of the life you lived, we laughed a whole lot,” Lincoln says while taking his father’s hand.

“And because of the life you lived, we’ve cried a bunch, too,” London says, joining her dad and brother.

“Dear River, because of the life you lived, we’ve grown closer to God,” Smith continues, while he and the kids meet with Amber as they form a circle.

“And God gave us a miracle,” Amber says. “Sweet Riv, because of the life you lived, very soon you’re going to have a baby brother,” she continued while her stomach is shown in the glistening sunlight.

The clip then features them in a family photo and the kids touching their mother’s belly while they also hold up a sonogram.

Amber shared the same video.

“Never did I think at 39 I would be blessed with expecting another baby boy,” she wrote, in part. “These past couple of years have been so rough but also so full of so much joy, hope, healing, growing and grace from God.

Smith has been vocal about losing River and talked to TODAY on the one-year anniversary of his death about what advice he would've shared with himself prior to his drowning.

“I would have thought a year ago, supervision — just watch your kids. Just watch them,” Granger said. “And I know now, from my own experience, that no human being on this planet is capable to say that’s enough. Because that requires 24/7. And if you add a gate, that’s not enough. If you add swimming lessons, that’s not enough. Pool alarm, it’s not enough.”

Last September, he marked his 10th wedding anniversary in an emotional Instagram post in which he referenced "his failure as a father." In December, he again spoke to TODAY and said he hoped his experience could be a learning experience for others.

"It has been a process and every day is different," Smith said while appearing on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. "We try to hang on to the days where we find meaning and purpose, and spreading the message where we could help others that are going through something similar or anybody that's suffering."

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