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Grandpa declines seat on a train, proves he's fitter than all of us

A grandfather recently proved that age is nothing but a number with a feat of strength after being offered elderly seating on a Rio subway.
/ Source: TODAY

This grandfather from Texas would like to politely decline your offer of elderly seating on the subway.

He'll just hang out instead.

Wayne McEntire, 68, showed off impressive strength for any age in a photo posted by his grandson, Britton Barker, 19, while the two were in Rio de Janeiro together enjoying the Olympics.

They were on a subway train when a Brazilian man offered McEntire a seat in an area designated for elderly passengers.

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McEntire declined and then went horizontal on the subway pole like he was a member of the U.S. gymnastics team to show that age is nothing but a number.

The dentist from Amarillo had people alternately blown away or swooning at his impressive strength.

This is the fifth Olympics McEntire has attended since Los Angeles in 1984, according to Barker.

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After his feat of Olympian strength, McEntire stayed in Brazil to enjoy the rest of the games while Barker left to start his school year at Texas Tech University.

"He’s always been one to put on a show and entertain me and my two brothers," Barker's brother, Barrett, told Buzzfeed. "So I knew he had something that would surely surprise me in store just by the way I saw him walk over to the empty seat."

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