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Grandpa-to-be sounds out pregnancy announcement — watch his sweet reaction!

/ Source: TODAY

Pregnancy announcement videos are always good for a tear or a laugh, but this one had us doing both.

One Texas mom-to-be decided to tell her parents she was expecting in a creative game, inspired by Jimmy Fallon, that left her father (and us) with all the feels.

Alexa Goolsby and her husband created their own version of Jimmy Fallon's "The Whisper Challenge" game from "The Tonight Show" to share her news. The idea is this: One player wears noise-cancelling headphones while another player says a phrase. The person with the headphones has to guess what the other is saying.

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While Goolsby's parents wore the headphones, her husband repeatedly said, "You are going to be a grandfather."

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While the soon-to-be-grandma figured out the message right away, the future grandpa took a little more time to solve the game.

But when he did, his reaction was priceless.

"I'm going to be a grandfather?!" he said, hugging his wife. "I can't believe it."

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"This was definitely a family game day for the books!" Goolsby wrote on her Facebook page Monday.

The happy (and growing family) went in for a group hug at the end — and we were left with a giant smile.

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