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People can't stop buying this children's book after grandma's viral video

A video of a Scottish grandmother laughing uncontrollably as she reads the children's book "The Wonky Donkey" to her grandson has sent sales soaring.
/ Source: TODAY

A Scottish grandmother has shown that this children's book is fun for all ages.

Janice Clark has sent sales of the book "The Wonky Donkey" skyrocketing after a video secretly shot last month by her daughter, Fiona Clark, showed her laughing uncontrollably as she read it to her 4-month-old grandson, Archer.

"I'm totally amazed,'' Janice Clark wrote in an email to TODAY. "I can't believe how many people have now laughed along with me."

Clark, who lives with Fiona in Queensland, Australia, couldn't contain herself as she read the silly book about a three-legged donkey by New Zealand author Craig Smith and illustrated by Katz Cowley.

"The Wonky Donkey," by Craig Smith and Katz Crowley, $7, Amazon

“Oh dear, how can anybody read this seriously,” Clark says in the video. "This is going to kill me.”

The book progressively adds adjectives to the description of the donkey, culminating in a "spunky, hanky-panky cranky stinky dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky donkey."

Clark can be seen reading books and having fun with Archer on her Facebook page, The Scottish Granny, but this book particularly struck her funny bone.

"I tend to visualize things in my mind, so I could clearly see this poor winky wonky donkey," Clark said.

The video has been watched more than half a million times and rocketed the book, which was published in 2009, onto the best-seller charts. On Friday, it ranked No. 2 among all books on Amazon, behind only Bob Woodward's "Fear" about the Trump presidency.

Smith told The Guardian that his publisher is rushing to print another 50,000 copies of the book, which has sold more than a million copies since its release, mainly in Australia and New Zealand.

“The video is gold,'' Smith told The Guardian. "Watching Janice read and laugh was just delightful, and like many, her infectious laugh had me laughing too. I’ve always wondered why sales had not taken off so much in the UK and US, but that looks like that’s about to change."

Clark's fun time with her grandson has now become a publishing phenomenon.

"I am really happy for the author and illustrator, and so glad to have helped to introduce 'Wonky' to a whole new audience,'' Clark said.

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