Grandmother's thrilling reaction to virtual-reality roller coaster goes viral

/ Source: TODAY

A virtual-reality roller coaster proved as good as actual reality for one 88-year-old grandmother on Christmas morning.

"Oh, my goodness!" the woman can be heard screaming in a YouTube clip that's gone viral with over 650,000 views so far. "Oooh! Aaaaaah!"

In between all of those exclamations, she simply laughs from the virtual thrills.

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"My grandmother, Marie, tries Google Cardboard VR for the first time," YouTuber Mark Nutt explained in the caption.

The Google Cardboard VR is a simple cardboard headset that with the help of a variety of VR apps, transforms a smartphone into virtual-reality machine capable of bringing almost any experience right to the viewer.

Marie is obviously a big fan.

This grandma is freaking out while watching Virtual Reality of a rollercoaster.TODAY

Of course, we can't imagine a virtual experience that would be more fun that just watching Marie!

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