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'Go!' Watch kids gleefully slide down this dad's epic luge track

Here's one way to make the most of the snow.
/ Source: TODAY

Here’s one way to make the most of the snow.

Taking advantage of the wintry weather, one dad spent three weeks building his kids a luge-style ice track on a hill in the backyard of their Cranford, New Jersey home.

“It’s a very slight hill and every time it snowed, I made the walls a bit bigger and every night, I sprayed water on it outside the window with my shower nozzle,” Joseph Colangelo, 29, told

“If it snowed at night, I would have to go out there and shovel snow off the luge. Otherwise, you wake up and all the ice is covered up with a frosty snow.”

He posted a now-viral YouTube video of the 55-foot-long track in action on Saturday, but says the snowy hill has been a neighborhood attraction all winter.

“We’ve been having kids over. We have a great little neighborhood, there’s lots of kids on the block,” said Colangelo, who grew up in Cranford. And the finished luge is definitely a hit, he said.

“They loved it. We played outside for like four hours on Saturday,” said Colangelo, who runs sales for a beverage company he co-founded in 2010, and is also the executive director of Consumers’ Research.

Colangelo shot the video, which has gotten more than 200,000 views, with a GoPro camera he recently got as a gift from his father.

While the father of three might be the most popular man in the neighborhood right now, Colangelo isn’t the first to build a backyard luge. Remember this amazing uncle in New York who created a “Looney Luge” equipped with LED lights for nighttime rides?

In the description of the video on his YouTube page, Colangelo points viewers to the Covenant House, a national organization that fights youth homelessness.

“The one message I’d like to attach to the video is that I was very lucky and blessed to have a stable childhood and loving parents, and I hope to give that to my kids,” he said. “But there are so many kids who don’t even have backyards or parents or stability.”

“You don’t realize how lucky we are,” he added.

This article was originally published Mar. 2, 2015 at 4:46 p.m. ET.