Giuliana Rancic calls son crashing 'E! News' broadcast 'a total mom moment'

Rancic's son, Duke, showed off some fancy dance moves while his mom was on the air.
/ Source: TODAY

Giuliana Rancic got the surprise of her life Thursday when her son, Duke, crashed her live "E! News" broadcast to show off his funky dance moves.

Rancic, who returned this month to co-host the show with Jason Kennedy, told via email that her hubby, Bill, stopped by the set with Duke, 6, so he could see his mom.

"Duke loves visiting mom at work, and he came to set to meet me after going to Universal Studios Hollywood next door with Bill," Rancic explained. "Bill had to hop on a call, so I asked Duke to wait just behind the stage with a chocolate treat he had wanted."

Rancic and Kennedy were live on the air sharing celebrity news when little Duke suddenly emerged from backstage and started boogying down behind them.

"The hair and makeup girls were sitting with him when they said he suddenly just popped up and ran onto the set to dance in front of the big monitors," Rancic told "I had no idea he was there until Jason looked back and started laughing."

Kennedy cracked up at the sight of the tiny dancer, while Rancic couldn't hide her shock.

“Oh, my God — Duke!” she said while jumping up to fetch him, adding hilariously,"Honey, Mommy’s working."

In her email to TODAY, Rancic relived the zany moment.

"I was calmly trying to get him backstage but he kept running away and didn’t want to stop dancing," she shared. "It was a total mom moment and every time I watch the video I laugh so hard. Kids are too funny!"

Giuliana chases her son, Duke, who surprised Mommy and her "E! News" co-host on the air.giulianarancic/Instagram

As for viewers, they loved Duke's surprise cameo. When Rancic shared a video from the show — using the hashtag #momlife — fans responded with glee.

"Literally spit my coffee out from LOL," one wrote.

"I have watched this like 5 times! Cracking up!" shared another.

Meanwhile, those with kids of their own congratulated Rancic for handling the relatable moment so well.

"This is so great," wrote one. "Mom life at its finest."

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