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Girl Scouts make history by camping out on White House lawn

Summer got off to a great (and stormy) start as 50 Girl Scouts made history, camping out on the White House lawn.
/ Source: TODAY

Best camp out ever!

On Tuesday night, 50 Girl Scouts made history by setting up their tents on the White House lawn for an overnight sleepover that turned the expanse into a campsite for the very first time. It was all part of first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Outside event (she's the honorary president of the Girl Scouts of America) ... though a storm did force the 4th graders inside eventually.

US President Obama and First Lady host Girls Scouts at White House Campout
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.Chip Somodevilla / EPA

But before the rain fell, the girls had a great time singing campfire songs, pitching tents, rock climbing and chatting with President Barack Obama and his wife, who came out to join them and sat on hay bales for a time.

There was one moment of chaos that had nothing to do with the weather, however. "Before he left he said that he would give us group hugs," camper Allison told TODAY. "The next thing you know, he had 50 stampeding girls competing to see who would get the closest to give Barack Obama a hug."

US President Obama and First Lady host Girls Scouts at White House Campout
Skylar, Allison and Dakota: Seriously happy campers.TODAY

Alas, that thunderstorm raced through the area and the girls ended up actually sleeping in the "executive office," Allison reported.

So what was the best part? Allison had an easy answer for that: "Sleeping at the White House," she said in a "no duh!" tone.

But for fellow camper Skylar there was one better thing: "Seeing Barack Obama," she said, face shining.

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