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How a little girl's heartfelt song about 'Dinosaurs in Love' became a surprise hit

Honestly, we were not prepared to be devastated by this song. Listen all the way to the end!
/ Source: TODAY

When Tom Rosenthal's 3-year-old daughter wandered into his home studio and asked to sing a song about dinosaurs, he didn't know that the song she wrote would become a surprise international hit — and even find its way to Jimmy Fallon's stage.

While Rosenthal is a successful U.K. musician in his own right, his daughter Fenn, now 4, is now the more famous of the two. Her song, "Dinosaurs in Love," which her dad published to his social media followers, has gone viral.

The song starts out with some (mostly untrue) dinosaur facts, like "dinosaurs eating people" and "dinosaurs eating cucumber."

Two dinosaurs fall in love, and then comes the twist.

"A big bang came / and they died.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs fell in love / but they didn't say goodbye."

The heart-wrenching ending is what has so much of social media talking.

Actress Sophia Bush even responded "I am utterly gutted, in the very best way possible, at this. I love it."

Fenn actually wrote all the songs and most of the melody — Rosenthal just guided her along by asking questions, he told TODAY Parents.

"I gave her little hints, but she was singing along to the piano as I was playing," he explained. "She has quite a good ear for melody anyway."

The musical family sings together regularly, but he's never sat his daughters down and tried to lecture them on his work.

"I often just do songs — little stupid songs — when you’re washing up or in the supermarket," he laughed. "I do songs that involve them and then also songs, like my own songs, that I’m just singing around the house."

He's been a musician for years, but joked he's never seen as much success as his little one.

"Her first song! Straight off the bat!" he laughed. "It's just such a comical life."

He said they've been approached about doing books and television shows, and it's all been a bit of a whirlwind. They even produced an animated music video.

NBC's Jimmy Fallon covered the song on "The Tonight Show," adding his own twist at the end.

Rosenthal said there have been no further songwriting attempts for Fenn since "Dinosaurs in Love."

"I'm just terrified it'll happen every time now," he joked. "Maybe next time she does write something I might just keep it to myself."