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This girl's Costco-themed birthday party had all the free samples

Most kids dread running errands with their parents, but not 5-year-old Kimber Walker! She loves shopping with her parents.
/ Source: TODAY

Most little kids dread running errands with their parents, but not 5-year-old Kimber Walker! The little girl loves shopping with her parents so much that she asked for a birthday party themed around one of her favorite stores — Costco.

That's right! The adorable tot wanted to celebrate by enjoying all the Kirkland Signature goodies in sight.

Costco themed birthday party
Kimber Walker was excited for her big-box themed party!Niki Walker

"I really don't know what possessed her to want that theme," Kimber's mom, Niki Walker, told TODAY. "She loves the pizza and the samples ... and the giant teddy bears."

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After a difficult year dealing with medical issues – Kimber was born with Chiari malformation and Sturge-Weber syndrome, which required about 20 laser surgeries alone to prevent glaucoma – her parents were more than happy to put together the perfect Costco party.

Costco themed birthday party snacks
The free samples were flowing at Kimber's party!Niki Walker

Walker told TODAY everything at the party came from Costco, including samples of fruit snacks, pigs in a blanket, tortilla chips, and Kimber's personal favorite — Pirate's Booty.

Costco Birthday Party
Please have your membership card and Kimber-cash handy!Niki Walker

Party guests decorated their own membership cards and were asked to display them at the front of the "store." When it came time to check out, party guests were able to pay using cash with Kimber's face splashed across it.

Kimber at her Costco birthday party
5-year-old Kimber wears her Costco badge at her Costco-themed birthday party.Courtesy Niki Walker

The 5-year-old was officially named "Employee of the Month," but any envious guests were able to take their own picture in front of a similar background.

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Kimber's local Costco even got in on the action. "[During a trip to the store] we told them that she was going to have a Costco-themed birthday party and asked if they would print her ... an employee badge," Walker told TODAY. "She wore it the rest of the time there and pointed it out to all the employees."

Costco Birthday Party
Even the birthday cake came from Costco!Niki Walker

The employee badge was a big hit at the party, but nothing could top the chocolate cake decorated with the store's red and white logo — delicious perfection.

Happy birthday, Kimber!