Girl reels in big bass with Barbie fishing pole in sweet daddy-daughter video

/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, after a long day fishing on the lake, all you come back with is an amazing story about the one that got away. ("It was this big!")

But a young girl named Avery not only returned from a recent father-daughter fishing trip with an impressive tale — she bagged a big bass on a little Barbie fishing pole.

And she has the video to prove it!

Avery's dad cheered her on as she struggled to bring in the fish.

"Don't drop it," he encouraged her. "Still got it?"

But reeling in a sizable catch is no small feat, and Avery wasn't sure she was up to challenge.

"I can't get it," she said. "You need to help me."

Ram Mehta / YouTube

That's just what dad did. Not by stepping in, but by encouraging Avery to hold on to her pink fishing pole and just "keep going!"

Watch the full clip to see the thrilling catch — and the duo's shared joy.

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