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Girl accidentally eats chocolate-themed makeup — and wears the evidence

The little girl was discovered in a laughably awkward position when she tried to eat (yes, eat!) a Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette.
/ Source: TODAY

Here's something us grownups know to be true: All chocolate is not created equal.

There's milk chocolate. White. Dark. Extra dark. There's semi-sweet and bittersweet and — heaven forbid you accidentally take a bite out of this stuff by accident — there's baking chocolate, too. However, Too Faced's Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette doesn't count.

The point is, before you eat it, you really ought to know what you're up against.

That appears to be a lesson that 18-year-old makeup lover Lauren Rincon hasn't yet taught her 1-year-old niece, Kaitlyn. The little girl was caught in a laughably awkward position eating (yes, eating!) Rincon's Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette. (Spoiler: She's FINE and was not harmed by ingesting the makeup!)

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Another life lesson she might want to teach her niece? If you're going to eat someone's makeup collection, at least hide the evidence.

Rincon didn't have to do much detective work to get to the bottom of things. After all, Kaitlyn's innocent face was smeared with browns and pastels and cocoa-colored shadows covered her cheeks and hands (and her shirt, too).

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"MY NIECE ATE MY TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BAR PALLETTE BC IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE I DONT KNOW IF I SHOULD CRY OR LAUGH," Rincon's oh-so-calm post-incident tweet reads, accompanied by two photos from the crime scene.

Apparently, not only do the palette's featured colors have names like Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cordial and Champagne Truffle — the whole thing is infused with actual cocoa powder. So, I mean, can you blame her?

Oh, and if you're concerned about the child's health and safety: "Too Faced let me know that there isnt any harmful ingredients but we'll definitely take her to the doctors if she shows any signs of sickness," Rincon added in a later tweet. "So yes I do care about my niece y'all chill."