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Gigi Hadid subtly reveals her baby girl's name on Instagram

She had kept her daughter's name under wraps since welcoming her in September.
/ Source: TODAY

Gigi Hadid just revealed the name of her baby girl in the most low-key way possible!

Rather than officially announcing her daughter’s name in a social media post, Hadid simply slid the reveal into her Instagram bio — the first line of which now reads “khai’s mom.”

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The model, 25, and her longtime boyfriend, former One Direction member Zayn Malik, 28, welcomed baby Khai in September. They have been sparing in their social media posts featuring their daughter, not showing her face in photos and keeping her name under wraps until now.

But while Hadid only recently confirmed her daughter’s name, some eagle-eyed followers noticed that the name “Khai” had been visible all along in one of Hadid’s Instagram photos from last year.

Some seriously observant fans spotted what looks like a Christmas card with Khai’s name written on it in the very last photo of an Instagram slideshow from November.

Zoom in on the plant pot to see the name written on a black card with a white heart drawn underneath.
Zoom in on the plant pot to see the name written on a black card with a white heart drawn underneath.gigihadid/Instagram

The card is tucked inside the potted plant at the base of the Christmas tree, right next to the chair with the “Merry Christmas” pillow. It’s hard to say whether this was an intentional clue from Hadid or whether it was an oversight — because it’s so subtle, you practically need a microscope to see it.

Either way, Hadid’s recent name reveal had fans poring over old photos searching for clues in plain sight.

“The fact that baby’s name was there in this picture inside the plant pot this whole time and we’re just noticing now,” one fan commented on the Instagram slideshow from November.

“Everyone is here after knowing that her name was here all the time,” another wrote.

While Hadid and Malik are careful not to share too much information about their daughter on social media, they have been posting plenty of precious photos about parenting.

“My girl !” Hadid captioned a recent picture of Khai’s tiny finger wrapped around hers.

She also shared a photo of Khai experiencing her first snow in New York.

And she wished Malik a happy birthday this month with a photo of them both looking exhausted.

“Team No Sleep !” she wrote. “Happiest birthday to our Zaddy baba. So special. Love you long time, thank you for makin me a mamma to the best girl ever ☺️ Wish you the best every single day.”