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Get ready, Prince George! Read kids' hilarious reactions to new siblings

We asked TODAY Parents to share their stories of when their older children were introduced to their newborn sibling.
/ Source: TODAY

Don't be naive, Prince George. All this talk of a new royal baby brother or sister could mean trouble.

At least, that's what your children might tell George if they had a minute with him.

Prince George
Prince George sits for his official Christmas picture in a courtyard at Kensington Palace in November of 2014.PA Wire via Getty Images

We asked parents on Facebook to share their memories of the moment when their older children were introduced to their newborn sibling. From hilarious to disastrous and everything in between, we can safely say we've heard it all.

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Amanda Muchnok Mushro: When we asked our son what we should name his new baby sister, he said in his best Cookie Monster voice 'Cookie.' She's been our little cookie ever since.

Stephanie Prettyman: When we had our last baby my son was 5 and refused to hold her.. Then finally decided to try it.. He held his sister for maybe 5 seconds. Came up to me and said "There I held it. And I am never doing it again" ... Today he is 6 and his sister is 13 months and they are super close ..

Stephanie Donio Cauller

Stephanie Donio Cauller: About 7 weeks in my 2 year old realized his baby sister was here to stay.

Annette Davenport: My second child was a premie and when we brought him home (after 2 weeks in the NICU) he was only 4 lbs 12 oz. My older some said to me "it's ok if you want to love him more than me. He's so small, he needs you more".

Kristina Wilson: After we had been home for a few days, our oldest who was 3 at the time said "Ok momma you can take her back now."

Lori Sartre: We had our 4 year old along with us when we had an ultrasound to find out the sex of child #2. When the doctor said he was having a boy, the doctor asked what my son thought we should name him. He said "Sprinkles". For the remainder of the pregnancy we referred to the baby as "Sprinkles". When our second son was born we called our oldest and told him what we named the baby (not Sprinkles). His response "You're kidding."

Debby Long Gimenez

Debby Long Gimenez: Who knows what she was thinking at the time this picture was taken (above), but 26 years later they are best friends.

Sherrell Washington: My son was about a week old and was crying and crying one day and I couldn't get him to stop. My daughter who was 3 at the time covered her ears and said "WHEN ARE HIS MOMMY AND DADDY COMING TO GET HIM?!?"

Amber N Seth Miller: Our daughter had prayed for a baby brother or sister since she was 3. On her 5th birthday we broke the news she was going to be a big sister. About a month after her brother was born she was talking to my friend & said, "Have you ever prayed for something then once you got it you wished you'd never prayed for it?" My friend replied, "Sure." My daughter then said, "That's how I feel about my brother!"

Sunshine Wunderlich Zuk: My daughter was born very premature so she spent her first two months in the isolette in the NICU. My son was 2 1/2 and was very protective from the first time he got to meet her. He did not like if we took off her hat, and he always wanted her back in "the box". They are now 5 and almost 3, and they are still very protective of each other.

Christina Stough: Three weeks after we were married, my husband and I realized I was pregnant. We sat my 7 year old daughter down and let her know that we would be having a baby. She stood up and screamed at us, "You're pregnant already!?" She then burst into tears. It was rough.

Susan Tellini: My oldest son who was two when his brother was born stared at my stomach, I said, "Josh what are you staring at Mommy's tummy for?" He replied, "Oh Mom, your bum's not in the back of you anymore!"

Allison Isley Elliott: My then 2 year old daughter Brynn was so excited that when she was asked by a delivery nurse what she thought of her new baby sister Madison, Brynn exclaimed, "She even has a tongue!"

Janet Rivera: Mine couldn't believe how small he was. Wanted to know where his real brother was.

Jenna Green Grile: Our 2 year old daughter had recently enjoyed playing dodgeball with daddy...when we brought home our 2 day old son, she picked up the ball, threw it, hit him and yelled, "you're out!"

Allison Isley Elliott

Olivia Jade Locher: My daughter just knew the whole time I was pregnant that her little brother was going to be born a dog. She told everyone she was getting a puppy. We kept trying to tell her it wasn't a puppy, but she wouldn't listen. She's 2.5 and he's 2 months old and she is still super disappointed.

Tracy Wells Sheppard: "Mom, I think we should take Max back to the baby store and get one that doesn't cry!"

Logan Covey: Our 2 year old Zoe hasn't met her little brother yet but we have been doing a lot of reading and explaining to her that her brother is coming soon. The door bell rang as a package from UPS was being dropped off and she ran to the door screaming, "Bubba here! Bubba here!" I ended up peeing myself laughing so hard. She was so sad when it was just some package from Amazon.

Kiersten Murphy: When we brought my second son home, our first son (age 2.5) sighed and said "I guess I will just put myself to bed" and stomped off up the stairs. Someone wasn't happy.