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On his 75th birthday, George W. Bush recalls hilarious gift Jenna once gave him

"I don’t feel five years shy of 80," the former president said.
/ Source: TODAY

It's not unusual for parents to talk to their kids on their birthday. Having that conversation on national television is a bit unique, though.

Former President George W. Bush turned 75 Tuesday, and he celebrated by FaceTiming into TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, where he shot the breeze with daughter Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb, who wanted to know if he feels 75.

“Well, it just seemed like yesterday I felt like I was 74,” he joked.

While he's taken another trip around the sun, he hasn't noticed any aches and pains.

“No, it’s all in your mind, Jen," he said. "It’s all in your mind. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel five years shy of 80. Let me put it to you that way.”

Hoda wanted to know if Jenna gives good presents, so her dad spilled the beans.

"Well, one year she gave me a poo-poo cushion," he said, drawing laughter.

"Dad, a poo-poo cushion is not the name of it," Jenna corrected him. "A whoopee cushion!"

Then, pictures of Bush as a young boy appeared on the screen, and one photo of him was set up next to a shot of Jenna's son and his grandson, Hal. Jenna couldn’t help but notice the similarities in her son and dad's features, a comparison people have made before.

“Do you think you and Hal are twins?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah, he’s a little more handsome than I was in those days,” he replied.

“I think it’s the ears,” Jenna said.

“Hal’s a cute boy,” he gushed.

The former president has become a prolific painter, publishing the book “Out Of Many, One: Portraits of America's Immigrants.” He has also painted Hal and Jenna, who isn't exactly a fan of her portrait.

“I like it. She doesn’t,” Bush said as the picture splashed on the screen.

“Can you just try to thin out my face a little bit? Just a little bit, please?” Jenna asked.

“I can only paint it the way it is, hon,” he joked, prompting Hoda and Jenna to laugh.

Bush said he keeps busy painting, mainly flowers and rocks.

“You know the good thing about flowers and rocks? They can’t talk back if they don’t like their portrait,” Jenna said.

And while there was some teasing, at the end of the day, Bush appreciated hearing from his daughter on his big day.

“I’m most grateful that you all called on my 75th birthday. It makes an old guy feel young,” he said.