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NBC News' Gadi Schwartz and wife Kimi Tobin are expecting their 1st child

The baby girl is due in June.
/ Source: TODAY

NBC News Correspondent Gadi Schwartz and his wife, Kimi Tobin, are expecting their first child together, a girl.

"Kimi is feeling great! We are now at point that the baby is kicking and moving around like crazy and Kimi loves it!" Schwartz told TODAY Parents in an email. "She does this little dance and rubs her belly, laughing when the baby starts moving a lot. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen."

Schwartz, 37, shared the the baby news in an Instagram post on Tuesday. In the photo, the beaming dad-to-be holds a sonogram while Tobin, an anchor and reporter at NBC4 Los Angeles, cradles her baby bump.

Schwartz opened up in the caption about the morning he and Tobin learned they were going to be parents.

“I woke up to Kimi wide awake,” he recalled. “‘I just had the craziest dream,’ she told me. ‘I had a dream that I was pregnant and our daughter told me to wake up and take a pregnancy test.’”

Schwartz didn’t think much of it.

“I laughed because weird dreams are kind of her thing. (Yesterday she got mad at me because she dreamt I forgot hand sanitizer somewhere.),” Schwartz explained.

Moments later, Tobin disappeared into the bathroom while Schwartz stayed in bed.

“Then I heard her say ... ‘ummm, Gadi, I think we are having a baby!’” he wrote. “Moral of the story, sometimes our dreams come true!!!”

Tobin, who is due in June, gushed on Instagram that she and Schwartz are “feeling so blessed and grateful” for their “miracle.”

“I never knew I wanted kids until I wanted your kids @gadinbc,” she wrote. “You’re going to be the most amazing papa and I can’t wait for this next adventure with our little family.”

As Schwartz counts down the days to fatherhood, he is enjoying spoiling Tobin.

"My favorite time of day is before bed when I get to rub Shea butter on Kimi’s belly and see her giggle with this superhuman glow!" he told TODAY. "Of course, all excess Shea butter is then used to rub her feet!"