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NBC News's Gadi Schwartz and Kimi Tobin welcome their first child

Her name means glittery in Japanese and dark haired in Gaelic — "and wow, is she both!" dad exclaimed

Gadi Schwartz is a dad!

Schwartz, an NBC News correspondent, and his wife, NBC4 Los Angeles reporter Kimi Tobin, welcomed their first child on June 15. Her name is Kira Setsuko Schwartz, and she was born weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

"The first thing I remember hearing after Kira was born was Kimi cooing to Kira, 'It’s OK, sweet girl, it’s us... we love you. We are so lucky you chose us,” Schwartz said.

"We are so lucky you chose us," Kimi Tobin told her newborn baby, Kira.
"We are so lucky you chose us," Kimi Tobin told her newborn baby, Kira.Courtesy Gadi Schwartz

He said the name Kira "means shiny and glittery in Japanese and dark haired in Gaelic and wow, is she both!"

"She came bursting into this world with the most adorable full head of brown hair, immediately reaching out and hugging her mom with both her arms," Schwartz told TODAY. "She is alert, feisty, hungry and loves making eye contact."

Welcome to the world, Kira Setsuko Schwartz!
Welcome to the world, Kira Setsuko Schwartz!Courtesy Gadi Schwartz

Schwartz mentioned that they were "nervous heading in for delivery" after some complications at week 35, "but thanks to the amazing birthing staff at Cedars-Sinai we are beyond blessed that she is in good health."

Proud new papa Gadi Schwartz.
Proud new papa Gadi Schwartz.Courtesy Gadi Schwartz

Before heading to the hospital, Schwartz noticed that there was a lot of advice for what expectant moms should pack in their hospital bags, but not much for dads. So he made a TikTok!

Schwartz announced in early March that the couple was expecting, posting a photo of himself and Tobin on Instagram. In the photo, Schwartz held up a series of ultrasound photos while Tobin cradled her baby bump.

Schwartz wrote that he remembered the morning they found out about the pregnancy "like it was yesterday." Tobin had had a dream that she was pregnant, he explained, but because she frequently had "weird dreams," he didn't think anything of it, until she got up. "Then I heard her say... 'Ummm, Gadi, I think we are having a baby!' Moral of the story, sometimes our dreams come true!"

On her own Instagram account, Tobin, an anchor and reporter at NBC4 Los Angeles, confirmed that their baby girl was due in June.

"We're pregnant with a baby girl!" she wrote. "... We are feeling so blessed and grateful for this miracle. I never knew I wanted kids until I wanted your kids @gadinbc. You’re going to be the most amazing papa and I can’t wait for this next adventure with our little family!"

In late March, Schwartz spoke candidly with other future parents about what it was like to be expecting a child during the coronavirus pandemic. He and Tobin also shared some clips from their video diary, which they began keeping the day Tobin found out she was pregnant.

"Trying to learn everything about being a first time parent during a pandemic has been a journey," Schwartz explained.

Coronavirus precautions have meant that only Tobin can attend ultrasound appointments, with Schwartz watching on FaceTime, and other important things like parenting classes have been conducted online.

"I mean, FaceTime is FaceTime," Schwartz said. "It's not like the real thing, you know? And then all of a sudden, the (ultrasound) image flashes on, and that was like the moment that everything just changed. And I would have done anything to have been inside that room with her and holding her hand because it's a miracle what you see on that screen."

Schwartz also received some heartfelt advice from TODAY's Al Roker.

"I will tell you both that it's the greatest thing that will ever happen to you, and that you will know that your heart beats outside your body to somebody else's," Al said, through tears. "And no matter what happens, these are always your children."