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Grandma puts 9-month-old baby to work doing dishes

The infant was having so much fun, he had to be pulled away.
/ Source: TODAY

A 9-month-old baby from New Jersey is ready to earn an allowance!

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter with nearly 4 million views, Arabia-Iman Tillery's infant son Chase is seen scrubbing cutlery at his grandma’s Baltimore home.

“Chase was getting a little fussy and my mom said, ‘He likes water; maybe washing dishes will calm him down,” Tillery, 28, toldTODAY Parents.

Tillery positioned Chase at the sink, and within seconds, he was was smiling again.

“He liked it so much we actually had to pull him away for his nap,” Tillery revealed.

Parents have been replying to the clip with photos and videos of their little ones sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

It’s never too early,” wrote one person.

Joked another, “Gunna show this video to my 5mnth old.. he needs to start pulling his own weight… no free rides around here.”

In 2017, a toddler named Miles Callahan enjoyed internet fame after he was filmed washing dishes while balancing his belly on the edge of a sink.