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Funny video of a tired Dylan Dreyer perfectly captures reality of parenting

After a late night out, the TODAY meteorologist tried to play with her son Calvin. It didn't go as planned.
Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer is every parent after a late night out.

The TODAY meteorologist was caught on camera looking exhausted as she attempted to play with her two-year-old son Calvin the morning after partying a little too hard.

Her husband, NBC Nightly News cameraman Brian Fichera, shared a funny Instagram video of Dylan looking a bit tired as she sat in a playhouse, dozing off while her son energetically ran around.

“So @dylandreyernbc wanted to put on her big girl jeans and go out last night....” Fichera captioned the video. “PSA to all you new and aspiring parents...This is what hangovers look like now.”

At one point in the video, her husband asks Dylan, “You wanna come out and play with us?” to which she responds with a firm, “No.”

Parents who have been in her situation can definitely feel her pain. After all, you can’t call in sick to your kids.

But even with when she’s feeling rough or has a busy schedule, Dylan always makes time for Calvin. Sometimes she even gets to bring him to work.

Back in September, Calvin was worried about Dylan as he watched her cover Hurricane Florence. The rain on her face confused him and he wondered if it was actually tears. “Mommy crying?” he asked his dad.

Fichera reassured his son that Mommy was okay.

Of course, seeing this new video of Dylan makes us think the day after a big night out might be a different story … as any busy parent who tries to sneak in some fun can surely relate.