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The funny term Hoda and family use for a diaper change

The TODAY anchors revealed the words and phrases that only their family uses, including Hoda Kotb's creative way of saying daughter Haley Joy needs a diaper change.
/ Source: TODAY

When "the big message" gets delivered at Hoda Kotb's house, you might want to hold your nose.

The TODAY anchors revealed the words that only their family uses, aka their "familiolect," including Hoda's unique way of saying that toddler daughter Haley Joy needs a diaper change.

A doctoral student named Iva Cheung started the conversation on Twitter by asking people to share the words, expressions and pronunciations that are particular to their families.

People began chiming in with the quirky spin their family put on certain words as well as words they just made up.

In addition to Haley Joy delivering "the big message," Hoda also revealed that she and her siblings refer to each other as Irwin, which they got from "an oddball cartoon character."

"It's weird but every family's got their weirdness,'' she said.

That includes Dylan Dreyer and her family, who say they are having "experiments" instead of asparagus for dinner. They also say "I'm salmon" instead of "I'm sorry."

"If anybody hears us outside of the home, it's bizarre,'' Dylan said.

We're salmon for any parent who has to deal with the big message after their child has too much experiments.

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